Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag -Glazed Espresso $362!

  1. if that were a mini i would be on it like white on rice.

  2. Code: HOLIDAY30

    This is so funny GUNG!! W/o having seen your post, I was looking at sale handbags at various stores and just happened to look at Label360! I had just calculated the total price after applying the discount and started to post it on the forum!! Luckily, I scanned today's posts and saw yours first!! They say that great minds think alike!! It's an awesome deal..ITA!! If I were in the market for another RM MA, I'd jump on this one!
  3. ^Hehehe, you truly are the queen of deals! Thanks for being so great bagachondriac! :yes:
  4. LMFAO! :roflmfao:
  5. Agreed. It's going to be a great deal for someone out there!

    I'm a bit afraid of getting it because I'm not sure if it would over power me as I'm 5'5 and about 120 lbs. It looks like such a huge bag!
  6. We're all great!! I just love finding great deals even if I'm not looking for myself! When I go to the mall, I find myself buying things for other people if the price is right. What's funny is that most of my friends and family members say that I can please them better than they themselves can!
  7. OK! Fess up! Who bought it!? Its not there anymore!:nuts:
  8. I did :yahoo: My husband got it for my for Christmas.. though he doesn't know it yet :shame:

    Do you guys think it will be huge on me? Lindsay Lohan carries a MA and it looks great on her. I'm only 5'3 .. I was going to get an evergreen mini from Revolve but I really wanted the expresso color. So I'm exicted!
  9. Oh and THANK YOU Gung! You made my night!
  10. ^No problem! I hope you enjoy it!
  11. I have the black basketweave MA bag and I'm only 5'2". I love it..the leather is some of the softest that I've seen. I must say that it is probably the deepest bag that I've ever far as a satchel, that is. If I weren't thinking of buying a Sissi Rossi and/or an Olivia Harris bag, I would have bought it. I told myself that I was on a bag ban...but what the hell!! You only live once. Right?????'re gonna love this bag. Post pics ...after Christmas!!
  12. Nice score!! I'm on the hunt for a purple one of those...gorgeous!!!
  13. Haha, that is funny! I need to start doing that too! Congrats on new bag.
  14. Thanks for this posting Gung (and for almost posting BC :yes:). This is a fantastic price on a RM-MA. Too bad you spoiled me for a purple one Gung!

    Now I can't think of anything else but this bag! :lol: