Rebecca Minkoff Morning After and Matinee

  1. I've got a green Morning After Mini, which I absolutely love. I also really like the Matinee, but I feel like it looks very similar to the Morning After, especially when the flaps aren't folded. Do you guys think they're different enough to own both? I really like the Matinee in toasted almond and gray.
  2. I don't own a Morning After Mini should be here Thursday:yahoo:.......but from the pictures I have seen- IMO I think they are very differenct. For instance the morning after mini is more square and the matinee is more of a east west silhouette.
  3. Ditto. Different enought to own both.

    Can't wait to get mine. Friday for me!! WHoot!
  4. I agree that they look different enough so that you can own both. I have a Matinee on the way. Got a great deal from Luna Boston :tup: