Rebecca Minkoff Morning After $345

  1. Great deal but I have too many bags in this color family.
  2. This is a great deal! Cheaper than what it was going for during the sample sale! I hope somebody gets in on this one! Thanks for the post!
  3. thanks! i have a ton of tan bags as well. i wish it were another color, even black cuz you can never have enough black bags.
  4. I am so tempted to get this. Unlike some of you girls I have no bags in this color. But the question is do I grab this deal or keep saving for another bag I want.
  5. I've used a coupon in addition to their deal of the week, but not sure if it's valid anymore. Can't remember where I saw it...grechen, toutie, reeseycakes? Maybe they don't offer a discount on top of their deal anymore.
  6. Does anyone know, is this bag too big. I usually use fairly big sized bags, but I dont want one too too large and the dimentions dont give me a good enough idea!