Rebecca Minkoff Matinee Question


Oct 11, 2006
I finally got my Rebecca Minkoff Matinee in Glazed Expresso from Delcina. I am not as crazy about the bag as the first time that I received my Bulga bag a couple weeks ago. However, I do love the color and the leather. I think that I should be able to grow to like it. And I can see myself using a lot of it. However, I do have a question regarding the quality. Does your Rebecca Minkoff metal name plate stay really well in the bag? I feel that my name plate is kind of loose. When you face the name plate, the left side is much looser than the right side.

Thanks for your help.


May 17, 2007
The Pie Hole
Hmm...I never noticed it before, but after reading your post I checked my Matinee and it seems the nameplate is glued onto the leather backing piece that is in turn sewn onto the lining. The glue isn't centered, so one side IS "looser" than the other (I say "looser" only because though the sides aren't glued down, it doesn't feel like the nameplate is in danger of coming off).

I hope it grows on you some more! It was love at first sight with mine and I've been using it nonstop for the past couple of weeks. It's the first bag I've gotten where I really have NO complaints.


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Sep 13, 2006
The Windy City
I have a Morning After in Glazed Espresso and I love the leather. I don't usually like/buy "shiny" bags - I always imagine the leather to be stiff or hard, but not my RM. The leather is so thin, soft and lightweight. If the bag isn't completely full, it actually collapses somewhat and it's so lightweight! And that smell - AAHHHH!!! I absolutely love mine.

I also have the Matinee, but in the black/blue combo, which is an entirely different type of leather. That leather is much thicker but extremely soft and "mushy" - I've said all along that I liked the Matinee more than the MA, but now that I've switched off and am currently carrying my MA, I'm starting to like that bag just as much (if not more!).

As for the nameplate, I looked at my 2 bags and it's just like mockinglee explained - the plates glued onto a piece of leather that is sewn to the lining. Although the glue doesn't go all the way from one to end to the other and there is some small gapping, I don't think the plates in any jeopardy of falling off.


Nov 1, 2007
Omaha, NE
That's so funny, seeing it in person is so different than seeing it IRL. The first time I saw my matinee in Elephant, I was thrown by the leather, and just didn't know if I LOVED it. But now I do LOVE it and I've gotten lots more!!!

I guess it's an acquired taste.


Oct 11, 2006
Thanks for your help. I don't think that my nameplate will fall off. It just that I was worried because I can notice. But you guys have confirmed that it seems normal for the bag. So, I feel much better.

I do hope that I will grow to love the bag as much as I love my Bulga. Perhaps, I did not have as high of the expectation for my Bulga as for the Matinee.