Rebecca Minkoff Matinee or MAB

  1. I cant make my mind up about the 2. The MAB is cheaper and more popular, but I love the Matinee's unique look. Also, are they about the same size or is the Manitee a bit smaller? Maybe I should just take the easy route and just buy both :idea:

    MAB.jpg Matinee.jpg
  2. I have the matinee in espresso and love it. I don't know if it's smaller or not, but it's big enough on its own. I can fit all my junk easily without cramming and it's got so many pockets, it makes organization easy.
  3. I have contemplated getting the matinee on and off for the past few months but have restrained myself. Heres why: While I think the bag is utterly gorgeous (

    and is so unique and fun with the suede lining, particular when it is a bright contrasting color, I cannot bring myself to buy this bag. No matter how beautiful it is, and how fun and different it is, it is by far a trendy bag that will more or less be "out" in a few seasons, or years from now.

    Admittedly, the MAB is trendy as well, if not even more trendy. However, the difference between the MAB and Matinee is that the lines and construction of the bag are clean, simple, and elegant; almost reminiscent of the shape of a speedy 25 or speedy 30. Whether or not the bag is "out", or LiLo isnt sporting it anymore, or whatever in a few seasons, or years, the MAB is still a great buy, and I would go so far as saying it is a great investment because the simple, timeless and sheer elegance of the bag enables you to wear the bag for seasons to come.

    I have the MAB in tomato, navy, chocolate, royal blue, and dark gray. They are by far the most versatile bags I own and are easily dressed up or down and as well, they add a fun, fresh, funky fashionable yet elegant, classic vibe to my outfits.

    Again, thats my opinion. I dont mean to offend anyone, and I really do think the matinee is a beauty, but I'd rather buy the MAB.

  4. Although I like both, my vote goes to the Morning After. I have a mini.
  5. I tend to agree with Gung, that the MA bag or MA Mini may have more long-term staying power. But, I also think the Matinee has some pretty classic east-west satchel type lines going for it too. Reminds me a tiny bit of the Gerard Darel 24 hr bag with pockets. So, the advice: get one of each! The sample sale is coming up soon and I've seen some markdowns here and there (Luna Boston and Nordstrom come to mind).
  6. i was debating between the two as well, but in the end, i decided to go with the Matinee. even though i do like the MA, i felt that it was a bit too plain for me. the matinee added something more without being too over the top...
  7. I have the Matinee in the Elephant, and it is by far my favorite bag. I get TONS of compliments on. It's definately an attention-getter and there really isn't any other bag out there like it. The difference between the Matinee and the Morning After for me is the mulititude of pockets that the Matinee provides, allowing for complete organization throughout my day. Oh, and I love the suede detailing - I can't stop touching it! And while, the current celebrity trend seems to be following the MAB, I think neither bag is 'trendy' in the sense they will be go out of style. The only chance of that happening is if copy-cats come out in a year or two.

    Both bags are beautiful, but I love the Matinee for the big, and the MAB Mini for the small.

    Also, has a Matinee in Chocolate on sale for $495 and if you use code GRECHEN you can get 20% off that which brings it down to $396 with free shipping!
  8. MA. i love the matinee and have been wanting one...but i own the MA and wouldn't trade it ever!

  9. Do you used your Matinee in Elephant on a daily basis? I'm trying to decide what color to get, and Elephant was a color that I thought would match everything (black and brown). Does the website do it justice or does it look completely diffrent in person?
  10. I think the Elephant color is perfect with black, brown and especially gray. It's sort of a taupe color, very rich and pretty. And the elephant version has the matching suede color, which I actually prefer over the contrasting colors. For some reason, the ones with a completely different colored suede remind me of Michael Jacksons jacket in Thriller - I don't know why!

    The only negative about this color, is that unlike some of the other colored leathers, this one is a bit more stiff, although mine has broken in nicely, and the leather had a couple of obvious nicks when I got it from Lunaboston. At first I was thrown off by them and thought them bad, but then I decided it looked like they were there intentionally. Like the RM people decided this style should have a broken in look. Apperantly I'm not the only one who got this one this way. Halocom posted a review October 20 indicating the same thing. Look for her review and she also posted some pictures, which I feel are dead-on colorwise.

    I definately recommend this color, but don't be suprised by the nicks. I don't feel they take away from the color or look at all.

  11. Hopefully I can find the bags on sale around Christmas or at least at the end of Nov, which is when I plan on purchasing one. That should give me some more time to think about it.
  12. Actually, LiLo is sporting a new MAB that's not even out yet. Bottom line is, get the one you drool after. If it's both you like, if you can afford it, get both! They're different enough, plus there's so many color options! Good luck.
  13. I've noticed many others saying Nordstroms has both the Matinees and the Morning Afters on sale at the stores right now. I don't have a Nordstroms where I live, so I'm bummed. But if you do, you may want to check them out.
  14. I saw both the MAB and the Matinee at Nordstroms today. They are very similar in size, although I think the MAB might be a little boxier. The biggest difference is the number of pockets that the Matinee has versus the lack of pockets that the MAB has. The other difference I notice (which could be a big deal for some) is that the main zipper opening on the Matinee bag is much smaller than the MAB. The main zipper goes all the way from end to end on MAB bag, making the opening larger and easier to get in & out of. The opening on the Matinee bag isn't as long and it's a little more difficult to get in & out of the bag (especially on the bags with stiffer leathers, like the Elephant color).

    The other thing I noticed was that every color I saw was made from a different type of leather. The leather on the Elephant bag was much thicker, stiffer, and smooth (it's also a very marked leather w/lots of natural scuffs). The Glazed Espresso and Eggplant bags were shinier and more of a pebbled like leather, not as thick as the Elephant. And the leather on the black and saddle bags were much softer and squishy than the leathers. They also had more of a slouch to them (the leather on the Saddle MAB reminded me a lot of Gustto's Setela bag in caramel).

    If you like a certain type of leather, you might want to see these IRL before buying one rather than ordering one online. I almost ordered one online this week, but am so glad I waited til I saw them in person. I ended up getting a different color than the one I had originally wanted because as much as I loved the color, I really didn't like the leather.