Rebecca Minkoff Matinee for $396!

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  1. Thank you for the heads up! I've been looking for a deal on the Matinee!!
  2. Thanks! Too bad the black isn't on sale!
  3. Only Choc is on sale - I really wanted Elephant, but settled for the Choc. If I *love love love* it and need to have Elephant, I will go for it. But I think Choc will be pretty too though:tup:
  4. ooh great deal! t4p!
  5. Oh god.. so tempted! Thanks.
  6. Here is the one on sale. Cute, right?

  7. Modeling shot. for reference, I am a centimeter or two shy of 5'5" and wear an 8/10, sometimes 12. ;)

    dh's closet - sorry for the mess
  8. Wow that is beautiful! It looks perfect on you!
  9. i love it! thanks for the pics
  10. very cute...thanks for the pics
  11. Thanks for the pics. That's gorgeous! It's not as overwhelming / big as I thought it would be!
  12. Nice pics! Thanks! As someone has already posted, Nordstrom has marked down lots of their Rebecca Minkoff bags. The Matinee is now $412 or so in almost all colors, though you've got to get a SA to call around for you to locate the color you want. Shipping is free too, though sales tax would apply.