REBECCA MINKOFF Matinee - Elephant $309

  1. Nordstroms in Chicago has the RM Matinee in the Elephant color for $309, plus tax - It's a little scuffed up, but that's the natural look of the leather

    It's on hold for "Jackie" - Call (312) 464-1515 and ask for STEPHANIE in the handbag dept. - Be sure to tell her that Jackie told you to call (so she knows that I changed my mind & sent someone else in my place).

    Please, if you get it - post here so that she doesn't get 10 calls!!!!!

    Good Luck!
  2. now THAT is a deal. I hope someone gets her! Be warned though - word on the street is that this bag is heavy.
  3. I purchased my bag from Nordies as well, and it was really scratched up - the SA worked about 1/2 a bottle of conditioner in it, and it is fantastic! You'd never know there were scratches before.

    I agree, it is a bit heavy....I've considered returning it because of the weight, but just can't part with her! I'll suffer for beauty!
  4. I'm so tempted to just buy it for myself! I love the color of this bag - it's actually the one I went to buy when they first got marked down. I ended up w/the black/blue one instead though, mainly because of the leather. The leather on the elephant is a little stiffer and it is heavier than some of the other RM bags. But the color is gorgeous It's sort of a taupe-ish shade. I don't have anything like it, and it would be a gorgeous addition to my collection, but I'm just not crazy about the leather (plus I'm thinking about getting a Christian Louboutin bag!).

    I hope someone from TPF grabs it!
  5. I love that color.
  6. Moisturizer works! I bought the moisturizer they sell in the handbag section of Nordstrom and it really works to get scratches off of this type of leather. I actually had the Elephant Matinee and would have kept her if I did not score the Elephant MAB at the SS. I just love this color :heart:- it is amazingly gorgeous IRL. A perfect neutral.

    One not-so-great thing about the Matinee in Elephant is that because it is so stiff, getting in and out of the bag is not easy at first. I do imagine it would soften up over time though.
  7. Someone should grab this! I'm heading down there this afternoon and if it's still there, I might be tempted!!! PLEASE, someone buy it first to stop me!!!
  8. Got it! Yay!! I originally bought grey but decided I wanted a brown. Thanks "Jackie"
  9. I'm so glad a PF'er got it!!! The color is gorgeous - I'm sure you're going to love it (I'm also glad it will be "gone" by the time I get there - it would have been hard to resist!!!)


  10. ACK! Changed my mind. My SA just called back and the Balenciaga I wanted was available. Has to cancel. Still available if anyone wants it.

  11. What color Balenciaga did you get? Style? I have to admit - I think I'd choose a BBag over an RM too!!

    I still hope another PF'er grabs this soon - I love my Matinee and MA and the elephant color is absolutely gorgeous!!! Where are all you RM fans who have been "everywhere" the last few weeks?!?!?

  12. I've been wanting a Truffle twiggy for some time. Found it and w/ double pts at Saks
  13. I actually saw the bag today and it's in really good shape. It's not that scuffed up - it looks pretty good. It's actually marked the way that this leather is supposed to be marked (sorta like aged leather) - the color's gorgeous. I actually ended buying my daughter a glazed espresso Matinee - for $159!!!! (the elephant is still $309).

    Someone really needs to grab this!!! And quick! If you call about it - ask for Stephanie and tell her that you're looking for the Elephant RM Matinee (if you tell her "Jackie" referred you, she'll know exactly what to do!)
  14. Were there any other RM bags still there?
  15. Not on sale. I didn't have the chance to look at the RM bags, but when I talked to the SA on the phone yesterday, she said they got in some new RM bags. They only had the one Matinee bag in elephant on the sale table, and that was because someone returned it (it's in good shape though - doesn't look like it was used or beaten up). I almost bought it for my daughter, but then the SA brought out the Glazed Espresso from the back & since that one had been marked down even further, I got her that one instead (actually, it had been "Racked Out" meaning it was supposed to go to NR - I guess that means that RM bags might start showing up at NR stores)