Rebecca Minkoff Matinee- Blue or Dark Grey? Help???

  1. This is my first thread. I really want another RM Matinee and love the pics I've seen of the Dark Grey. The only problem is, the grey is very hard to find except on the RM website, where there aren't any discounts. However, I can pre-order the Blue with grey suede on label360. I know I love the leather of the blue, but I'm not sure of the color.

    Please, someone, help me decide!!!!
    blue_grey_suede1.jpg dark_grey_light_grey_suede1.jpg
  2. I love the dark grey. I would spend a little more for the one you love unless its not possible to spend that much.
  3. Here is my Matinee in Blue/Grey that i just got today.:yahoo: The color combo is amazing and gorgeous.:tup:
    IMG_3648 (2).JPG IMG_3649 (2).JPG IMG_3653 (2).JPG IMG_3662 (2).JPG
  4. I love the dark grey. Don't settle!
  5. I like them both a lot. Go for the one you love, otherwise, you won't be happy in the long run. I do think the leather on the blue is that lovely, thick, soft, smooshy leather. The leather on the gray seems to be the slightly shinier leather that's been on a lot of her winter bags. It would probably hold up in the rain quite well.
  6. Good point about the rain....or snow here in the midwest. I have the sage, which I think the blue is like leatherwise, and I absolutely LOVE the leather. It is so soft and supple, I can't stop touching it. However, I do fear it is a more delicate leather.

    Now here's the kicker that I didn't share earlier...This weekend label360 has a promo code for 36% off!!! That's huge! So if I order the blue I'll get it for $396.80! And NANAZ's pics are gorgeous, which is making me lean that direction. Also, I have a Morning After Mini from WinkNYC in Charcoal (light grey with black basketweave) and gold hardware. So really, I don't need another grey bag.

    But the grey matinee is so pretty and reminds me of my cat, Cadbury, who is the prettiest color. I know, how crazy, I want a bag to match my cat!!!!! Too bad they don't make the dark grey with gold hardware anymore - then it would really match him - he has gold eyes.
  7. You are so cute and i love how you want to match your Cat Cadbury.:roflmfao:
  8. 36%? or 30%? Both are really great but Ive never heard of a 36% code from label360, that would be awesome!
  9. There is both right now, toutie36 and toutie30. At first I thought the toutie36 was a typo but label360 honored it when I special ordered a sage mam.

    if only they could special order the dark grey matinee, but sadly, they said it's not available for special order right now:sad:
  10. Try to get the Dark Grey Matinee luvinmybags! You will not regret it : ).
  11. I like the blue/black as I prefer silver hardware. Both are gorgeous though and you can't beat the price!

    I might just have to succumb to the blue/black.

    Where else are they available at a deal???
  12. Wait! Do all the bags have silver hardware??? Maybe I'm seeing a reflection and it looks gold!!!

    Btw...the light blue/ the actual bag a light blue? Or grey??? Forgive the silly question, but it's hard to see in photos.

    I wasn't planning on getting a RM but these bags look fab and are functional which is what I need.
  13. I think these bags come either with Gold or Silver Hardware (some one correct me if i am wrong). Mine is with SH. These two pics show the true color of it better.:tup:
    blue_grey_suede1.jpg jessicasimpson.jpg
  14. I think Jessica Simpson is wearing the Dark Grey/Grey Matinee. I think lol...