Rebecca Minkoff MAM- Which color!!

  1. I can't decide on a color. I want a browish color, so it's between the eggplant, glazed espresso and the espresso. Help!

    Thanks Gals!
  2. Glazed espresso is the best in my opinion. It looks so beautiful in the sun!
  3. Woah.....didn't you just ask this question in the RM "hot spot" thread???? I just responded there and thought I was going crazy that my post didn't "post".

    I vote Eggplant.
  4. Eggplant, love that color!
  5. Sorry Contesse, I though it might get lost on the other blog, so I posted it here too.

    Are any of the colors more of a reddish brown, what about a more neutral brown.

    Thanks Ladies!
  6. The Eggplant is a 'cinnamon' brown..slightly reddish tinge.

    There's also glazed espresso, but Eggplant is more rich looking in my opinion.
  7. I had an eggplant MA and I thought it was a very dark wine color, atleast mine was. I was actually hoping for more of a red, so back it went. This particular eggplant was not brown at all.
  8. Humm... I'm actually hoping it's not too reddish. I would love an eggplant/wine color. We'll see. I may order a few more (I'm liking the espresso and the dark gray). My husband is gonna kill me when I have 5 bags at my house.:wtf:
  9. I have the glazed espresso MAB and I have gotten so many compliments on the color... I love it!!
  10. I agree -- I have the glazed espresso and the color is fantastic! In different lighting situations it turns slightly different, there are instances when the deep brown sheen turns a bit burgundy-brown.
  11. Eggplant, all the way!

  12. Hi Erin! I got your PM, and Im too much of a lazy bum, so Im going to respond to your question here. :yes:

    Given that you sound like you only want one of these bags, I would go with either the espresso or the glazed espresso. The eggplant is beautiful but not nearly as versatile as the deep, dark, coffee-bean-espresso brown color that would go with probably most of your wardrobe. It would work well with black, other shades of brown, blue, red, green, and really every color in the spectrum!

    Let us know what you get!:yes:
  13. 'Bout time you got here Gung!!! ;)
  14. I love them all, but would vote for the glazed espresso
  15. Gung, thank you so much for responding, I really appreciate it. What does the glazed espresso look like in person? All the pics I've seen look different and it almost looks metallic and shiny.

    Any other sites that sell RM? I've tried Luna Boston. Tobi, 360 Label, Gretchen (final sale only), Funky Lala (has it, but no coupon code), Revolve Clothing. Any I haven"t tried.

    Thanks All!