rebecca minkoff mam in wine on its way!!!

  1. the rebecca minkoff mam in wine is on its way to my house now!!! i had the studded evergreen studded mam but the crinkly leather crinkled too much and started to peel a little, i'm getting the wine.....would love to hear from anyone who owns one...i tried going through posts, but, didn't find any specific to this bag/color...would love some feedback!
  2. Me too because I've asked about the wine like 5x and no answer. Sorry I couldnt be any help but congrats on your bag. I'll finally be getting mine in Jan so definately looking foward to the new yr.
  3. Enjoy your bag and Happy New Year!!
  4. Congrats!
  5. OOOOHHHH I would love to get that color. The only person I know that has that bag is GUNG. I haven't seen her on here lately. Congrats!!!!
  6. rich soon as it arrives, i'll answer all your questions!!!
  7. Congrats on your wine MAM! Do you mean you returned your evergreen? Is the crinkling a problem others have experienced? Do share!
  8. i saw the wine mam at Nordies today and it is soooo pretty!
  9. hi rice and soup...the crinkly leather is kind of "veiny", along one of the "vein" lines, the leather started to split a little bit and i just didn't think that should happen to a bag i've only been using for a short time...i am returning it and i am getting the wine to replace it...
  10. COOL! Where were you able to find the wine MAM?
  11. I have it in evergreen and know exactly what you're talking about. Sitting here and hoping it doesn't happen to mine! :s
  12. r & s, i am very, very hard on my bags and i guess i just needed a leather that was stronger...i love the look of the evergreen; the color is TDF! the leather on the wine is hopefully a stronger leather...although, i was told the "veiny" leather is strong,, i'm sure your's is going to be just fine!
  13. I am loving my evergreen more everyday, so I think we will have a long relationship with each other. I do treat my bags quite gingerly so hopefully it will be fine!
  14. Congrats songofthesea, though I feel a little bad about your evergreen... post pics when it comes! Happy new year!
  15. Hey songofthesea...where did you manage to find the wine MAM? Was it through RM?