Rebecca Minkoff MA leather question.

  1. I ordered the Rebecca Minkoff MA mini in blue from Luna Boston. It arrived yesterday and upon looking at it I noticed it had some spots or discolorations on both the front and the back. This is my first Rebecca Minkoff bag so I don't know if this is a normal variance in the leather or they sent me a damaged bag. Here are some pictures of the spots. 2 are just little circles where they leather looks darker and shinier, like maybe it got ink on it, and on the back is a little spattering of white.

    In the first 2 pictures are the darker spots and they are harder to see as I had a problem getting a good picture, but if you look for a few seconds you can see them. The last picture is the white marks which you can see better.

  2. i can't view your pictures, it says the website is invalid. but i have a rebecca minkoff MA in blue as well (i have the regular size though)...although i doubt that makes a difference, but mine doesn't have any different color spots on it. it does have a few little marks and such on the leather, but the leather is natural leather so it is supposed to have these things. i think it adds character to the bag, but if your color spots bother you you should call luna boston and ask them!! you could even call rebecca minkoff's office, they have amazing customer service. good luck and enjoy your bag!!
  3. The pictures should be showing up now. They don't bother me too much, but I just wasn't sure as this was normal or not. The hardware is a bit splotchy too, but that I do like. I think it adds character. Thanks!
  4. I have the MA in black and berry and there are no color variations in the leather like the ones in your pictures. I've had great experiences with Luna Boston's CS so you could always give them a call.

  5. I emailed them but I'm not sure what they can do as the bag I orderd is now out of stock on their site so I can't even send it back and exchange for another one. I don't want the other colors available, so I'm not sure what to do. I guess I will just see what they say when they respond. Thanks for your help!
  6. I also can't view your photos, but my MA doesn't have any spots like that. I would send it back.
  7. Honestly? I have a royal/basketweave MA and the pigment in the leather is not the same throughout.. there are darker spots... I kind of like this about it. If it was all just one uniform color, it'd fall a little flat.
  8. Mine has varying pigment, but not spots like these pictures. Particularly the white spot doesn't look like natural pigment variation.