Rebecca Minkoff MA in White with BWTrim for $264.00!

  1. OMG....THANK YOU!!! With the 25% off code, I got it for $199 with shipping included! ;)
  2. dammit! it's gone :crybaby:
  3. WHOA!! What a great deal! Too bad there are no more :sad:
  4. What a steal!
  5. Holy.
  6. idk, i just thought it's the ugliest combination....I've actually seen it in person, not liking it at all.
  7. good steal for somebody out there! Looks kinda ick for my taste. The white and brown combo is not doing it for me... Maybe that's why its so cheap.
  8. i think that one is probably a return because it was sold out for a couple of weeks. i passed on it before too cuz the color combo is yuck.
  9. i think the color combo is great for summer, which is why i think it is on sale - it's more of a summer color.

    although, had it in their lookbook recently with some fall clothes and it looked suprisingly good!
  10. Hey! I ordered a mini from the sample sale in this color! Thought I'd store it for the spring/summer as I have more winter bags. Now I'm worried.
  11. wow, i'm really suprised at many of the responses to this post. i think commentaries like the one quoted below are unneccessary, petty, and mean-spirited. i've seen lots of links to bags posted on bergdorf and neiman which aren't to my personal liking but i never felt the need to share my personal opinion; certainly not in such a negative manner. i've never posted much on TPF and now i remember why i hesitated responding to the original poster. i've personally seen this bag at the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale this past summer and i think it's a great bag for the summer (i believe it was part of the spring/summer collection last year). if my personal opinion doesn't count for much, Hayden Panniettere also carried around this particular color combo MAM bag (she also have it dark grey, black, and red).

  12. Amen and thank you Veronica!
  13. I totaly agree with Veronica!
  14. What are you worried about? I've seen it IRL and it is georgeous. You have nothing to worry about.

    Here's a link to see it worn...