Rebecca Minkoff MA - Emerald or Eggplant?

  1. Or another color?

    I can't decide between these two. Your opinions please? I've got the Matinee coming in Glazed Espresso/Military Green Suede.

    And one more thing -- would this seem a good lineup? Matinee in Glazed Espresso, Nikki in Dark Grey, and the MA in Emerald/Eggplant? Online bag-shopping is addicting! :S

  2. definately Emerald green, that color is sooo gorgeous! I heart it
  3. Emerald :yes: I think that lineup sounds great (with the emerald!!!)
  4. I vote for emerald too!
  5. purple is my favorite color but i like the emerald better for this one - the eggplant is more of a purple/brown.
  6. i ordered an emerald mam.. it's in my mail room right now but i am really excited about that color!!
  7. Emerald!
  8. Thanks to everyone who replied! :smile: Emerald it is then. I've been wanting a green bag for a long time, I just thought that Eggplant might be a bit more subdued = more "formal" than funky.

    airmarket, post pics once you get it please! :biggrin:
  9. Another Emerald (Green is my favorite color)
  10. I would have to say the emeral as well. Great color for fall and it really stands out!

    Make sure you post pics too!!
  11. Yes! The three bags you've picked would be a great start to your RM collection.

    Definitely emerald for the MA though. I had an eggplant MAM and returned it because the color was so flat and boring. Even though I knew it wasn't going to look like it did online, I expected some complexity and depth to the color and it just wasn't there. Eggplant photographs well, but in real life, it was a disappointment to me.
  12. Good to know!

    Just curious...what was the leather like for the Eggplant? Is it tougher/stiffer than most of the others, like the Elephant is?
  13. luvinmybags - I actually liked the leather on the's definitely not as thick/stiff as on the elephant, but not as smooshy as RM's truly soft leathers. The eggplant leather was very light (which was great b/c my elephant bag feels like a brick sometimes), yet had a bit of stiffness/structure to it so the bag didn't completely "melt" when you set it down.

    HTH a bit!
  14. I got the MAM in eggplant and sent it back - I exchanged it for an emerald. Guess which color I'm voting for!

    The eggplant is a nice enough color - but it's really more of a brown with a reddish cast. Like an extra brown maroon color. If you have something in Espresso already, it will be too much brown. I'm hoping the green will be better for me.