Rebecca Minkoff Leather Tote in Chocolate Pictures

  1. Here you go. Hot off the presses. The hardware on this bag is FULLY FUNCTIONAL - i.e., if you want to make the bag open wider, adjust the buckles up top and release the zipper clips. This is a keeper!!!!
    back.jpg bottom.jpg front.jpg front detail.jpg inside.jpg interior detail.jpg side.jpg
  2. Very cute!
  3. Thanks for posting. I really like this bag. It's cute and looks functional. Do you think it can be worn over the shoulder with a coat on?

    I went to her website, but it's not on there. Do you know if it's available in any stores? Do you by chance have the measurements on the bag?
  4. Beautiful color!
  5. Kathleen, great choice! Congrats! =)
  6. Wow, I love that bag! Great purchase!
  7. I will take measurements for you and post them. As for the shoulder drop, it could be worn over a coat comfortably. I will take a picture with the bag on (on Monday of next week) and post it. The bag is at so it might be at the brick and mortar store. I bought mine from - excellent customer service, free shipping. It is also available at Lastly, Rebecca Minkoff posted elsewhere that it will be on her site, too - - they just haven't put it up yet.
  8. Thanks, kathleen. I had forgotten that Anthropologie now carried Minkoff bags. I will have to stop by and see if they carry the bag in the store.

    For anyone else curious about the measurements, I found them on Anthropologie's site. The bag is 11"L x 16"W x 7"D.
  9. Very cute.
  10. I really like that tote. Simple, classic, and functional! Wish I had found that style 2 years ago when interviewing. What's the leather like? Is it stiff, thin, thick??
  11. That is a wonderful bag, Kathleen. I do like that better than the Gusto, I think. Congrats, a great find!
  12. Thick and supple. The bag doesn't stand up well by itself. This is my "edith". I think there is a resemblance. Maybe someday I can afford the real thing. The lack of an external pocket is the only downside. And I like it much better than the Gustto (which was $100 more).
  13. Yippee. Glad to hear the leather is thick. I just got an email saying my morning after bag shipped today. Can't wait to get it!
  14. Congrats, Kathleen - your bag looks great and what's more as you say, it is functional. :biggrin:
  15. lovely bag and very functional. Enjoy!