Rebecca Minkoff Leather & Hardware Variations

  1. Hi,
    I've seen thing sort of thread posted for other designers, so thought it would be fun to start one here. I've been stalking RM on the forum, and I'll admit I was skeptical at first. But after reading all the wonderful posts and seeing everyone's pics, it's really growing on me!

    It seems that RM uses several different types of leathers (slouchy, pebbled, stiff, etc), each bag with various linings (fleur-de-lis, striped, black&white floral, etc) and either gold, brass, or silver hardware. What bags do you all have, and what do they look like? (Please comment with all three.... 1) leather type, 2) lining type and 3) hardware)

    Also, in your opinions... do the slouchier leathers make the bag seem smaller? And what is "satin-wash"?

    TIA~! :tup:
  2. 1.) I have RM bags made from all different kinds of leather; pebbled, slouchy, and stiff.

    2.) I have seen linings ranging from a leopard print, multi color pinstripe, plain solid colored, multicolor small floral, red and white striped, fleur de lis, and the newest floral print. Most of my bags have the floral print.

    3.) RM bags have utilized brass hardware for the most part, with some bags having the silver hardware. The newer bags will come with gold or nickel hardware.

    I dont know what satin-wash is, but if you are referring to stone-wash, I believe it is basically a process in which to achieve softer leather
  3. GUNG has pretty much summed it all up there for you!

    My opinion though -- the bag does look a bit smaller if it's a smooshier/softer leather.