Rebecca Minkoff LA Sample Sale REVIEW

  1. I excitedly arrived at the Rebecca Minkoff L.A. sample sale early 11:20 a.m. or so I thought. Anxious customers were let in at 10 a.m. due to the fact that it was held at a residence and they were peeking in windows. As I approached a few women were leaving with 3, and 4 handbags. I rushed to get in, quickly scanned and grabbed two Nikki's and a make up bag. BTW, some individuals were carrying/hording six handbags for almost two hours. Most of the items were 50% off and fall/winter colors. The quality and leather of the handbags are so rich IRL. It was crowded and these women were serious about their RM's. I set my blue Nikki and make up bag down for a nano second to reach my cellphone and they were gone in a flash. :crybaby:Prices that I could remember: Nikki $315, MAM $300, MA $315, clutch $125, make up bags $65, Matinee $315.

    I purchased a Nikki in glazed chocolate (like the one Hillary Duff carries). Speaking of celebrities, there were a few of them in attendance. Actress Cameron Richardson (of Alpha Dog & Chipmunks movie) was there and let me tell you ladies she is a natural beauty! Laura Prepon of That 70's Show was there as well. Of course, Rebecca Minkoff was there at the sale table. I told her I was a member of tPF and that we love her. Rebecca conveyed she was grateful for the tPF members and her featured article by our very own Megs. She said she has been very busy ever since. Rebecca is such a sweat heart and gorgeous in person. It makes me feel good that she cares about her customers. She graciously let me take a picture with her. I will post later. Thank you Meg & Vlad for finding this jewel of a designer for us.
  2. So jealous! I am an LA girl and there isn't ANYTHING I wouldn't give to be there right now- Thank you for posting!
  3. Rebecca was definitely a really down-to-earth designer. I'm going to make sure I arrive at the next Rebecca Minkoff LA Sample Sale real early in a month. I'm not going to miss out on buying a MA. The prices were really reasonable.
  4. Can anyone tell me when the next RM sample sale will be in NY -or anywhere around the east coast?? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the scouting report bellabird! I love that you got to meet Rebecca herself and that she was so gracious, that says a lot about her that she was actually there.
  6. I think it's sorta safe to assume there will be a summer sample sale to get rid of all remaining fall07/spring08 stock. But this is only a guess.
  7. Thanks for sharing bellabird! It's always nice to hear personal experience/accounts of purselovers and lovely, gracious designers. :smile:
  8. Ugh, I can't believe I was out of town for this one! I should have convinced hubby to let me change our plans. :crybaby:Is it weird that I even feel nauseous for missing it?! Nexrt time...anyone know the exact/approx date??
  9. Great review! :ty: Wish I could have been there. It sounds like heaven. Well, except for the part about you setting down the bags to get your phone and getting them taken away. *grumble* It sounds like you got a beautiful bag, though.

    If they really are having one in another month maybe I will have to take a weekend road trip.
  10. That sale sounded amazing! Better yet, is meeting Rebecca in person!!!

    I love down-to-earth designers that care about their clients...not just celebs. Speaks volumes about who they are.
  11. Awww....I had planned on going, but had to miss it because of a last-minute change. Bad for me, but good for my wallet! I'm disappointed I didn't get to see Rebecca in person, though!
  12. Thanks for sharing your experience! I wish I could have been there! ;)
  13. Hello Bellabird, I think I just missed you when I left! I was lucky enough to be the second one in the door and was able to come away with a nice MAM in grey. SO PRETTY! It did not register in my head till I left that that was Rebecca =/ But I agree with you, she was gorgeous! It is very unexpected that the designer would personally be there to handle the register, that makes me like her bags even more!!
  14. Bellabird,

    What a great opportunity! Thanks for sharing so we all have the chance to share your experience vicariously.

    Please be sure to post all of your pics and your bag!
  15. so many of you rave about the RM. in pictures they look fine, but nothing outstanding. so that was part of the reason i really wanted to go to the sample sale.
    however by 3 there weren't too many left.
    There is something really nice about the bag in person. i really like it!
    so i got my first RM... here is my MAM:wlae: