Rebecca Minkoff Jane handbag $300!

  1. This does look like a great deal! I hope one of us gets it! :smile:
  2. Does anyone have a Jane? Do you like it?
  3. Im passing on this...want a slouchy brown bag....but if someone wants it, use the code JT and it takes it down to $255! Awesome buy!
  4. i was so tempted to, but not in love. *really* trying to better with $$.. such a good deal tho.
  5. I am still dying for the Mini Niki in orange (if it even comes in that color) or midnight blue. If anyone has any leads let me know!
  6. Sorry ladies...just my opinion, but this bag is not attractive IRL!!! I purchased it from Revolve last month and returned it IMMEDIATELY! The leather was thick, heavy and NOTHING like the RM bags we've all come to love and adore! It reinded me of some old boots that my DH once had until I threw them out! LOL! I hope that I'm not offending someone who might already own this bag. As I said...this is just my opinion!
  7. really?! I thought it looks so nice-did anyone here get it? It's gone now...