Rebecca Minkoff, I can't decide!!

  1. So, I love Rebecca Minkoff. For awhile I've been sure I wanted the Morning After bag, I just haven't been able to choose a color. I lean towards colors generally, as opposed to black or brown, etc. I love the emerald, I love the Royal, and then I saw this.

    I also just checked out her hobos, which, though I haven't seen them in person are really gorgeous: [​IMG]

    and this...


    just some sensible advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I absolutely love the morning after in the chocolate color. I also think that it would go with everything!
  3. Wow, this eggplant color is gorgeous-it would go with more than the emerald green-although that's a beauty, too! I always wanted the mini one in the navy/brown. But ever since I heard that people got it at Anthropologie for $99 on sale, I can't bring myself to spend $535.:confused1:
  4. When was this sale? OMG... and i just got my morning after bag last wk... but not the mini though...
  5. It was last year sometime... maybe in the fall. I would have jumped on the $99 RM, but the blue is too bright for me.
  6. Was in love with the Morning after and the eggplant is lovely. I haven't heard great things about the hardware though. Someone else can confirm.
  7. Gorgeous bag- bidding has ended, did you get it?
  8. funny how things turned out for me - i fell in love with the Morning After bag after seeing the blue with chocolate basketweave combo, sometime in Sep last year. then i saw the Purple (eggplant) in a modeling picture posted on the website (the website has been reconstructed since then) and i was dying for it. i looked everywhere with no luck. i emailed back and forth with the RM staff Jacque to inquire about the availability of this color and was told they would not make the Purple again.

    last month i finally got over it and went with the Royal. it is absolutely beautiful IRL and i am happy with my choice. but seeing this Purple one still makes me feel kind of at a loss. it's the one that got away. i really hope a fellow PFer got it!!
  9. guess what, you're in luck...Delcina's updated the Choco MA mini on sale for $290

    try the "grechen15" to see 15% discount still works. all of a sudden, that's now...around $245
    my guess is it'll go fast.
  10. ^^^That's an amazing price, I might have to get one of those!!!!

    it's so weird that I ran across this thread! I was just going to start one about the morning after tote....I LOVE IT!!! It's awesome, will fit everything, looks durable, and is stunning as well!!!
  11. sorry, now w/the calculator:smile:, it's $246.5 with "grenchen15"