Rebecca Minkoff Hello Kitty bag pics

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  1. Rebecca Minkoff Handbag for Hello Kitty in Black stonewashed Italian Leather retail $650 - only 50 made by Rebecca! The exterior features Hello Kitty on all the rivets - just a subtle Hello Kitty effect.The inside lining was inspired by her best-selling Morning After in Royal Blue and her signature yellow logo color....with a dash of red for Hello Kitty herself.
    And the inside:
    And this is the glazed espresso italian leather Rebecca Minkoff - retailing at $600.
    The inside:
    Close up of the rivets:
    The foldable clutch for $375 - a mix of canvas and black leather:
  2. They look so nice! Very pretty. Do you know what the dimensions are??
  3. black bag is:
    14.5 in. length, 14 in. width, 9 in. depth
    handle drop: 6 in.

    glazed espresso is:
    9.5 in. length, 14 in. width, 7 in. depth
    handle drop: 6 in.

    clutch is:
    unfolded: 9 in height, 12.75 in width
    folded: 4.5 in height, 12.75 width

    change purse:
    4.25 in height, 5.25 in width
  4. I really like the black one! It is very classy looking, but then you open it up and SURPRISE--a fun lining!
  5. I LOOOOOOVE the espresso leather bag, but I am so broke it's not even funny! *cries* :crybaby:
  6. Oh, I like those! I like the combination of simplicity on the outside and a fun, colourful lining.
  7. Where can you I buy that awesome hello kitty espresso handbag??? :drool:
  8. Well, pros and cons. Why should I pay so much for something that's so ordinarily looking and as for pros, they are 'safe' bags and subtle enough for matured hello kitty fans who doesn't want to scream hello kitty at first look on their bags.
  9. 10 of each style are available starting TODAY on - Rebecca sent an email blast about it a couple days ago to her subscribers.
    There are 40 of each style being sold at the luxe Hello Kitty store in Beverly Hills - starting tomorrow.
    I looked up the # and I guess you can call them 310-657-7040 - they're having a private launch party for them.

  10. thanks!! I just bought the brown one off but, now I'm thinking I should have got the black one... oh wells- just glad I got one! =)
  11. I was kinda disapointed in the bags and prices! I'd rather have a regular morning after bag then the hello kitty because isn't the ma bag cheaper anyway? The bags were WAY TOO PLAIN to justify the price unless the leather was too die for which I kind of doubted and the lining was kind of ugly. I wish it had been a prettier color. They really made the bags way too plain to justify the price otherwise I probably would have bought one.
  12. It's a very nice bag.
  13. I like RM bags and I like Hello Kitty, but I think these are a bit too plain for me. The leather looks yummy though and I think the inside lining is cute. I just wish the bags were offered in other colors. Maybe a blue one? The Hello Kitty engraved hardware is cute.
  14. I agree - the bags are really plain looking. Not something you'd expect to pay $600 for. I love Hello Kitty and I'd actually rather have something a little more obviously Hello Kitty, not just the rivets.
  15. I love the print lining but the bag style just isn't me. Too plain and structured for me.