Rebecca Minkoff hardware

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  1. Hello fellow RM owners,

    I just got my first MA (black) today in the mail:yahoo: but I'm a little concerned about the hardware. I know others have mentioned it getting splotchy. Mine is already splotchy. Short of sending the bag back, does anyone have any tips for cleaning it/keeping it clean?:shrugs:

    Also, the leather is very matte, not shiny at all. Are all RMs like that??
  2. The black looks to be more matte to me than other colors, so you have to decide whether that's okay with you. As for the hardware, I would e-mail Rebecca Minkoff herself at her website. Many on this forum say that she's great about responding and is extremely helpful. Congrats on your new RM -- I, too, am waiting on a RM MA in emerald!
  3. I'm excited to see your emerald! I'm too in love with it overall to worry about the matte leather. I emailed the customer service people at RM so we'll see what they have to say...
  4. drdreawisc, I thought you had ordered the MA in berry??? The black looks great too -- very classic and would go with everything; I actually like the matte finish on the black leather.

    One other thought on your hardware -- I think I remember someone saying they used a silver polishing cloth on it and it cleaned up well...

    Do let us know what Rebecca has to say, and congrats again, it's a beautiful bag! :tup:
  5. I ordered it in berry, too. It's coming on Thursday. I'm so bad:shame:
  6. lol...that's too funny, and, I totally can't blame you! All the colors are so beautiful, aren't they!? I find myself lusting a bit after the Niki hobo and matinee bags as well, so another purchase may be in my immediate future as well!
  7. i have the navy, it is matte too. the pictures looked kind of shiny, but i prefer the matte. my hardware is relatively splotchy but not horrendous...i love the bag just the way it is. :tup:
  8. I might have to pre-order the Matinee in grey. Her bags are just too cute!
  9. those who order a berry, please post pics! i would love to see it IRL! TIA!
    btw, i'm also not a fan of the RM hardware. oh well though, the bags are great so you have to live with it!
  10. My berry is coming on Thursday and I'll def post pics:yahoo:
  11. You could try a jewelry polishing cloth on the hardware. It worked pretty well for me on a MA bag I got recently.
  12. Mine has some splotches but it's really not too noticeable. I have the royal blue with basket weave and I would say it's mostly matte but a little shiny. I love it :smile: