Rebecca Minkoff Grace - need info and/or opinions

  1. I did a search on this bag and it appears that there are no threads on it! I'm kind of surprised.

    I've been comtemplating getting this bag. Does anyone have one or have you seen it IRL? Does it seem huge to you? I can do medium size bags, but huge ones aren't my thing. This one looks like it might be middle of the road, you know? Any opinions welcomed!

  2. I've seen it in person and I would consider it a medium-sized bag. It's not boxy like the Morning after bags.
  3. I'm giving this thread a little bump since I've read on some other thread that a couple of people ordered this bag! What do you think of yours if you got one? Do both straps stay on your shoulder? (I can't stand when there's always one slipping down.) I've been trying to hold off on more bags, ha ha, but I seriously want a navy bag and this one looks gorgeous. I also called and they don't have anymore, so if I can get my paws on one I may just grit my teeth and get one. Any modeling pics (don't care what color!)?!?! Help, ladies!
  4. I've seen much bigger bags, so I would consider it medium, too. It looks nice enough. Go for it if you like it. :tup:
  5. I just got it in the mail, stunning, will post pics later if anyone cares...
  6. What color did you get, duranie70?
  7. Ivory suede, I bought the chain from the RM website, might be too long for this style though, not sure, what do you think? Chain adds or takesaway? No clue how old this bag is, on the RM site they only have it in red tomato leather right now. Reminds me of the Botkier Trigger, no?
    P8170001.JPG P8170002.JPG P8170004.JPG P8170003.JPG
  8. aw i love it!!