Rebecca Minkoff Glazed Espresso?

  1. So pretty much it has come down between me getting an LV speedy 30 or an RM matinee. I already have a morning after, but for some reason I really want a matinee also. I want the Glazed Espresso but I have not seen one IRL...does anyone have one and can post a pic or just give a review? Is it vinyl feeling?? Right now the RM is outweighing the LV just because I don't really like logos very much...and I prefer leather and I know the LV is canvas. If you guys could help me out I would appreciate it soo much!! :heart:
  2. I've not seen the color either, but I would vote RM. I'm with you on leather v. canvas, as well as disliking logos.
  3. I have a matinee in Glazed espresso and I love, love, love it. It feels a little stiff initially, but starts getting more slouchy the more I use it. The color is gorgeous, and I get tons of compliments on the bag. It doesn't feel vinyl-y at all, and the leather smell is just amazing. I highly recommend it!
  4. I'm still waiting for all my RM bags that I ordered from the Sample Sale (my first RM bags), but I do have the LV Speedy 30 and I love that bag to pieces! It's just one of those bags that will always be a classic IMO.
  5. hmm i don't know what to do...i guess i'll talk to my mom about it since she is the one buying it (christmas).
  6. I have the Damier Speedy 25 and the RM Morning After mini in Glazed espresso...LOVE THEM BOTH!!!!!