Rebecca Minkoff Get Away Tote - Thoughts??

  1. I'm seriously considering getting the Rebecca Minkoff Get Away Tote to use for Travel, or when I need to carry my laptop and extras. I know RM bags are great quality as I have number of them. And I love the versatility of this one but was wondering what you all think? Are there any TPFer's out that who have experience with this bag?

    Also, if you have experience with either the Mocha or Chocolate leathers, please chime in. How do these leathers feel and are they heavy?

    Thanks for your input!!
    mocha3.jpg mocha4.jpg
  2. Looks like a great bag for travel. Not something I would use for everyday, but maybe for work. It looks really nice, though.
  3. I love that it folds over when you don't need the extra space. It's beautiful.
  4. I had never seen it folded over - very nice. I have the matinee in chocolate and it is a very smooth, silky leather - not pebbly at all. It is also very matte, which I know some people don't love. Everyone who touches mine always comments on the quality of the leather. I have only been using it a couple of weeks (bought it from Revolve after Christmas for $234!), but the leather actually seems to be getting a little bit glossier with wear.
  5. Ohhhh, I like the sound of that! Plus the chocolate leather has silver hardware, which I prefer.
  6. Yes, I really wanted one with silver hardware. I hadn't initially been looking at the chocolate, but the price was too insane to resist. I would still say it looks quite matte, but I think the chocolate will wear very well and get more of a shine the more it is used/touched.
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  8. Oh I think that's a great bag - big enough to travel, and then while you're traveling it folds over and you can use it for everyday. genius!
  9. The foldover option kinda reminds me of the AC City tote. I love that you can carry it cross-body style - the hands-free is so useful for traveling. I'd be curious how soft/stiff the leather is, and how heavy it is - love the hardware but looks like it could be heavy?
  10. Okay, I bit the bullet and ordered the Chocolate with silver hardware from Active Endeavors. I'm so excited! I will review and post pics when I get it. I'm assuming that it won't be too heavy because of the kind of leather I ordered. I'm pretty sure that kind of leather is like my sage, which is soooooo soft and yummy, but light as well. Although, the hardware may make it heavy, so we'll see!
  11. Let us know how you like it! I think it's interesting looking, and more playful than most regular totes. Would love to hear how it works out for you! :heart:
  12. Oh goodie! You made a decision! I can't wait to see and hear what your thoughts are!

    Congrats! :drinkup:
  13. Have been thinking of getting one as well myself! I like the cross-body option really and I'm a big bag girl so it would be perfect for me. Let us know what you think, meanwhile I'll stew on it some more! :smile:
  14. ^^^I definately will!!! My tracking info says I'll get it Thursday!!! I know AE isn't perfect, but they really do ship super quick!!!
  15. did you get it??? what areyour thoughts??? i just ordered the saddle one but am dying to hear your review =)