Rebecca Minkoff Forum Regulars/Posters IM Exchange??

  1. I thought this would be COOL! I love all the "regulars" here and instead of PM'ing everyone, it would be so awesome to chat on AIM or yahoo while we are perusing TPF at the same time. I do this with a few other TPF members but I would love to chitty chat with the ladies who are hardcore RM fans too!

    If you are feeling this idea, then post your screen name and the service you use, like I use AIM, and my screen name is XGUNGX, and you can IM me anytime!

    If you are not feeling this idea, thats okay too! I thought I'd try anyways!

  2. OK maybe I'm dating myself but I haven't touched AIM since grad school, not because I don't love instant messaging but because of firewalls at work (and that's unfortunately where I spend most of my time). I think I can instant message on gmail (balihai88) but maybe I should get AIM on my home computer? GUNG do you offer tech help as well?!
  3. ^I can try! Im so glad you responded! I was feeling kind of rejected for a bit! Ive never heard of gmail messaging but let me check it out real quick.

    If you are interested in AIM, you can download it in about less than a minute!
  4. If you two are IN, then sign me UP!

    Where's that snapping smiley when you need it?????!!!!!
  5. :lol:awesome! Are you going to do it, Contessa?
  6. If you have gmail, you can "chat" with other people who have gmail. If you have gmail, PM me with your address!

    I'm going to download AIM...hang on....
  7. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:YAY! I love it!
  8. Do you need an AOL account???
  9. Cmon Contessa! I see you lurking down there! Get the gears in motion, lady!

  10. Nope! Dont need an AOL account. Just go to and download. Create a name and VOILA! You are ready to IM!
  11. Shame on you for looking down "there"!!!! :wtf:
  12. I just snorted violently when I read that :roflmfao:
  13. awww shucks! Everyone has different programs! I guess I just assumed everyone was on AIM! LOL! Im sorry guys!
  14. Snorting and peeping at the same time, eh????!!!!