Rebecca Minkoff for Hello Kitty on sale this weekend!

  1. The Rebecca Minkoff for Hello Kitty collection is on sale 50% off at the following Sanrio stores this weekend only (thru Monday):
    Momoberry at Beverly Center Los Angeles: 310.657.7040
    Times Square NY: 212.840.6011
    Ala Moana Honolulu, Hawaii: 808.949.2990
    If you want to see the collection, you can go to:
    and click on "Rebecca Minkoff exclusively for Momoberry by Sanrio"
  2. That lining is super kawaii!!!
  3. Missed this! Hope 50% happens again and soon.
  4. I believe the 50% sale is still on at the Momoberry store at the Beverly Center ONLY. I just got an email from Paloma saying that they just added the Tarina Tarantino Pink Head line to their 50% off sale. I soooo made out at this sale! The manager actually had to bust out the trolley, you know those flat bed carts like they have at Costco, and take me down the freight elevator to my car with my bags!
  5. Oh Pooo! The Beverly Center location closed forever yesterday. They were even selling their adorable fuscia furniture. The Ala Moana Momoberry is 50% off right now.
  6. I saw online that they have a new coin purse too! The regular RM styles don't even have coin purses yet! I really was impressed. It was $150
  7. ^I was just in Atlanta last week with my Tess at Lenox & Phips. I was hiding out in Buckhead during the tornado and just thought it was a bad hail storm when I saw windows blown out at the Omni! The RM Hello Kitty coin purse is too cute and $75 right now.
  8. ^^aww man! That was the first time its been crazy like that in YEARS! I hope you enjoyed Lenox and Phipps! I could spend a whole weekend walking around there, and still not vgo to all the stores I want to!