Rebecca Minkoff for Hello Kitty on sale this weekend!

  1. The Rebecca Minkoff for Hello Kitty collection is on sale 50% off at the following Sanrio stores this weekend only (thru Monday):
    Momoberry at Beverly Center Los Angeles: 310.657.7040
    Times Square NY: 212.840.6011
    Ala Moana Honolulu, Hawaii: 808.949.2990
    If you want to see the collection, you can go to:
    and click on "Rebecca Minkoff exclusively for Momoberry by Sanrio"

  2. ^Its just for the chain.
  3. $34 is the price of the chain, not the bag.
  4. there is no mistake - 34$ for the CHAIN ;)
  5. Oh my. I feel silly now. I did not order it thank god.
  6. Do you think they will do charge sends?
  7. so cute!! will it be 50% off online?
  8. it won't be on sale online yet...but the stores are shipping! with appropriate information - call 310.657.7040 and provide a copy of dl and credit to ship
  9. Weren't these limited edition with like 20 or something of each style made? They must have not sold too well.
  10. pretty cute! I have a best friend named Kitty that :heart::heart::heart:s Hello Kitty! Hmmm this would make a great wedding gift (to her anyway!). She's getting married in Oct....
  11. Even at half price for that wallet, I think $75 bucks is pretty steep.
  12. I do like the bag but I am not sure I like it that much!

    Cute details with Hello Kitty on the hardware and the lining.

  13. Google it and there was only 50 bags made, I guess of each type. I think you are right about not selling too well, maybe it is the price.

    I must admit they are growing on me.