Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2008 preview....

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  1. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. what a tease!
  3. What colors are you hoping for??
  4. YES!!! :yahoo::yahoo:
    Now I will have to stay up, its already 01:00 am here
  5. How about deep and rich purple? :woohoo::supacool:
  6. A dark glazed Purple! Oh please
  7. Like a patent purple.... :sweatdrop:
  8. yayy,
  9. omg megs. you seriously gave me a heart attack.

    but TYSM!!

    would that purple be the "iris"? :smile:
  10. omgggg i cant wait an hour!!! :sweatdrop:

    you are too good to us :flowers:
  11. WOW i love purple... defintely buy that one!

    Oh i have just seen this articel on (new green bag)

  12. How about a sneak peak at the fall campaign?? :party:
  13. [​IMG]
  14. OMG, I've been waiting all days Megs I'm gonna have a coronary!!!!! I need to see all the GREENS!!!! FOREST, EMERALD, SEA, GREEN, GREEN, GREEEEEEEEN!!!!!! :hysteric: