Rebecca Minkoff Fakes, Knockoffs, Insired by, Etc..

  1. I just saw the Urban Expressions [del]Rapture[/del] 'Hayden' on Ebags/ I know it was posted a few pages back, but for the same place that carries / carried the original Rapture, how can they go and sell the pleather knockoff on the same site? Here it is on Ebags Aren't they jeopardizing their agreement to sell RMs, if they are selling blatant knockoffs of her bags?
  2. Saw this at DSW the other day. :nogood:

  3. I just saw these at Nordstrom Rack. WTF? They are giant sized, like weekenders. Right next to a rack of real RMs.


  4. omg, that's so outta control!! they look like frankenbags!! :censor:
  5. I was at Charming Charlie's near Tampa a few weeks ago. They had these bright aqua-colored "ostrich" embossed MAC ripoffs with super light and cheap feeling hardware and zippers that barely worked right. I compared them with my MAC and pointed it out to my non-bag obsessed mother. (I'm still trying to get her to understand that a higher priced bag is generally going to be of much higher quality than a crappy $20 bag made of some weird faux leather material.)

    Anyway I would have taken a pic, but a SA came up to me and asked me if I'd like him to take one of the fakes down from the rack to look at. I smiled, shook my head, and held up my real MAC, then told him that "the company you work for copied one of my favorite designers and they did a sh*t job." Needless to say, he avoided me after that :winkiss:
  6. Lol! Awesome response!!
  7. BAD A$$!!! :ghi5::ghi5: u go girl!!! i would've done the same thing :p oh btw, we're turkish stripe bag cousins! i own the cherish tote version :biggrin:
  8. I saw that today and took a picture.
  9. And the other day I was surprised to see an urban expressions knock off of the boy toy.
    IMG_20120623_121220 (1).jpg
  10. Saw this in tjmaxx for $16.99

  11. Gah! The insanity! They look so shoddy in comparison to the real deal.
  12. woo hoo! isn't it such a great pattern for summer? best part is I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in the world with the MAC version. :biggrin:

    yep that's the one. blech.
  13. I just HATE copycats!!! SO MUCH
  14. LOL or the tag should say "No Bueno"!!! :p
  15. Lol!