Rebecca Minkoff Fakes, Knockoffs, Insired by, Etc..

  1. No, I shot those pictures after we met up some weeks ago remember?
  2. Oh you mean the pix were taken a few weeks ago and not like say, yesterday?
    So there's a chance they were all pulled out? Yipppeeeee!

    I did send an email via TPF to RM to let them know about this horrid retailer a while ago, which even has a website, but not sure if RM could do anything about them as it's not outright counterfeiting per se.

    But I'm not going to post the website address or I'll be advertising free for them. Bad publicity is also publicity right?
  3. Charles & Keith is horrible. All they do is rip-off designer bags. I was mortified to see a copy of my MJ tote in the store during the few visits I made to Singapore last year. URGH. Sick!
  4. lame!
  5. I do think these are poorly rendered copycat styles, but if they're not labeled and sold as RM they are not "fakes" per se. (I am not defending whoever is manufacturing and selling these.) There are plenty of copycat (aka "inspired by") bags for just about every designer and popular style out there, unfortunately.
  6. Thanks for the heads up on those horrendous bags! I'm sure we'll all be on the lookout, and not allow ANY to be sold on eBay as RM bags... Boo!

    Go get 'em, Rebecca! :smash:
  7. I agree - and wish you the best of luck when selling(on eBay and elsewhere). It really is a sad state of affairs that counterfitters have caused, making many of us here in The States second guess buying designer goods from a certain area of the world. Since, we all know there's lots of shady people all across the globe.

    Back to the topic at hand - it's sad to see that Rebecca's designs have also crossed into this territory, even though any lady who owns even one RM bag would know better than buy one of those plastic-looking bags. But I'm soooo glad you're all over this kind of stuff Rebecca!
  8. Sorry hun! Let me rephrase that....I won't be buying unless its from a TPF member!

  9. :tup:

    Rebecca, do keep us posted about your war against copycats!
  10. At least they are obvious fakes. How can anyone mistake those things for a REAL RM. The quality obviously isn't all there.
  11. I think it's not so much that people will mistake them for real RMs but that the design is so obviously a close copy of RM's.
  12. They copies look very cheap and tacky...typical of any "inspired" or counterfeit bag...

    I hope that it does not become rampant on eBay and everywhere else. That would really be a shame!
  13. I think they copied not just the exterior design of the bag. The lining of the bag I saw (MAM copy) is in thin red and white stripe print. Isn't that the lining of some of the earlier edition RM bags?
  14. Wow--I Am shocked. :wtf:
  15. Yes, the candy stripe is from a few seasons ago I believe... =/

    This is disgusting. I hope they got pulled from the store. They look horrendous and cheap.