Rebecca Minkoff Exclusive: 30% off for Purse Blog/Forum Members

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    Rebecca Minkoff is as big a fan of all of you, her supporters, as you are of her! Staying true to her fans, Rebecca wants to give back to you for your loyalty to show her appreciation and support. And because she wants to give back, Rebecca is offering 30% off for Purse Blog and Purse Forum Members!! Yes, sit down and pinch yourself, this is REAL! This shows how truly down to earth Rebecca is, because as her brand grows, she still focuses on her customers and always wants to give back.

    Rebecca has someone in the office to handle the phone calls, but you can order your bags right off her website in the exclusive "Vincent" section. This section will have the bags that you can choose from to receive 30% off (only this section can be applied for 30% off). So go now, beat the gal next to you, and grab one of your Rebecca Minkoff favorites at a huge discount! On checkout you will apply the code: thankyou. Each order will take 48 hours to process and for you to receive your tracking number, unless you specify for over night delivery. She can not guarantee it will make it for Christmas though! Take part of Rebecca's thank you to all of you, and grab a great bag at a great price, a gift from Rebecca herself!

    Bags included in "Vincent" are: Blind Date Clutch, Clutch, Date Clutch, Easy Bag, Elisha, Get Away Tote, Jane, Kiss and Makeup, Matinee, Morning After Bag, Morning After Mini, Nikki, and Mini Nikki!
  2. Lovely! But I must resist.
  3. Wow there are some really cute bags being offered!
  4. Hmmm, i think I may need a super-cute Rebecca Minkoff cosmetics bag to go in my super-cute MAB :wlae:
  5. Wow! I have been trying to decide between a morning after mini in either red or blue... this sale made up my mind for me! I have order the blue one! I can't wait! (if I love it I may just have to add a red to my collection as well!) At $404 with shipping I think it is a great deal. I also love the Nikki in both the blue and purple... so yummy!
  6. Is this our "special surprise"? Damn my empty bank account! I'm almost relieved the No Strings clutch and No Strings satchel aren't included...I would looooooove one of those!
  7. Indeed, Surprise!
  8. oh nooooo! they dont have the MAB on there i want.... hmmmm.
  9. Fabulous, thank you so much:heart:!
    But oh my goodness, $95 for shipping to Canada?
    Thanks so much for this lovely gesture though!
  10. I must refrain myself!!! I spent way too much already on RM bags, but it's so tempting!! lol
  11. I have to put my credit card on lockdown. Those clutches are so tempting...

    Thanks, Rebecca!
  12. No exchanges, repairs or refunds??

    Having received a Nikki hobo with mismatched leather before, I don't think I want to take the chance. Thanks, but no thanks.
  13. wow, that's pretty rude thing to say. :tdown: let's keep these threads free of negative attitudes please, especially when a designer takes the time out of her day to come on this board and offer special discounts just for us.
  14. So what did you do about it????
  15. What a lovely surprise, Rebecca! Happy holidays to you!