Rebecca Minkoff Esme Bag

  1. Hi everyone! I was browsing through the Lunaboston website and came across this cute Esme Bag for Spring. What are your thoughts and has anyone seen it elsewhere? I wonder if it comes in other colors:

  2. I dont know, but its awfully cute!
  3. This I believe is a "Jenny Yuen" bag....NOT Rebecca Minkoff.
  4. D'OH! :push: You're right Contessa....sorry, bad. It is a cutie though isn't it?
  5. YES! I know this is not the forum for Jenny Yuen... but let me just say that I :heart: her bags!!! She is a close second in my heart after RM!

  6. OMG! Me too. I so badly want a JY Gatsby in Blue.