Rebecca Minkoff Elisha or MAM ? Please help...

  1. I like both the RM Elisha and MAM bags but can't decide on what to get. While there are lots of real-life pics of the MAM, there aren't so many of the Elisha being modelled. Does anyone have any pics of the Elisha in use and/or what is a groovier, sexier, more desirable bag? I know... it's subjective... but any opinions are welcome as i really need help making a decision :girlsigh:Thanks and Happy New Year!
  2. Well, if you like wearing your bag on your arm and don't mind having a shoulder strap on it, the Elisha is a great choice. If you need to wear your bag on your shoulder and don't like a strap hanging off it, get the MAM.
  3. That Elisa in grey is hot! I've not seen it before.

    *Oh nevermind,it's blue. No wonder I like it, it's the same blue as my MAM,haha.
  4. I like the Elisa...not as common as the MAM
  5. Depends on what you are using it for. I think the Elisha is a great bag for work, and MAM is better for every day/going out :smile:

    Elisha is very cute, just looks more like a professional bag to me.
  6. I have the MAM and have tried the Elisha on in person. I personally like the MAM more. It is stunning (for some reason) in a way that the Elisha isn't IMO.
  7. ^Well said! I agree.
  8. If you go to the RM website, click on "Girls" along the top, then "In her bag." The 3rd person (Mikayla?) has an Elisha and you can see what it looks like loaded up. I wanted an Elisha until I saw this photo - the bag looks weird to me when using the shoulder strap and I knew I wouldn't have been happy with it.

    Now, I have three MAMs and still want green. :tender:
  9. Thanks everyone for your pics and comments :tup:. I love both styles of bags but for my lifestyle, I guess the MAM would suit me more. Would be great if the black MAM came with brass hardware though - anyone know if it does? I know it comes with silver and gold hardware but I'd prefer brass if I could get it... Actually, I'd love to get the MAM in the black w/basketweave with brass hardware. If this exists, I'd get it like NOW... are you out there Rebecca? lol...
  10. First I have to say that the first pic (with the black Elisha) made me laugh out loud, she looks like she's rocking the stripper pole....with her trusty purse in hand!!

    Anyway, as for your original question I, like many others who've already responded, prefer the MAM to the Elisha. The Elisha to me looks more like luggage, and I think the MAM would be easier to carry (not as wide/flat).
  11. Balihai88, how are you enjoying your MA in night blue??? And that gorgeous Bal bag???? get tired of any of those, feel free to send them my way!!! :graucho:
  13. sues - I *just* received my black w/black basketweave MAM last week. The harware is a dull gold color on mine. It was from If it's not on the website anymore, call or email Brittany b/c she accepts special orders (and you can use a discount code). That way you can ask her about getting an all black or one with basketweave.

  14. Great minds that think alike! I have been in contact with Brittany over the past few weeks - I was going to order one a while back but then went away over christmas, lost my credit card, and couldn't make up my mind anyway. But now that I've decided and my visa's been replaced I contacted her yesterday and she emailed me back today saying she'd look into it. I think you can also still get a 36% discount with them - at least that's what I've read on TPF before and they said they'd still do it :yes: Cheers, sues