Rebecca Minkoff Elisha Bag

  1. Hey everyone!

    I want to order the Elisha bag, but I had some questions for those of you that own one. Do you like it? Anything you don't like about it? Is it really big? I am 5'2" and I am afraid it might be too big for me.

    Would I be better off with the smaller sized MAB?

    I'd love to hear what you think!
  2. it's a great bag, but it's REEEALLY big and doesn't collapse down as much as a balenciaga work or other very distressed bag.

    take a look at it on the models at's even huge on them, and while they're thin, they're packing height.
  3. I'm 5'2 and have the Elisha Bag and the matching make-up bag. I was going to give it to my girlfriend as a gift and she's even shorter than I am, by about an inch. I don't think it is too big, however, I've been carrying a huge Isabella Fiore. I like how the Elisha has both a long & short straps. Let me get a pic and I'll post it later.
  4. oh yes, picture for reference would be great! i have ordered it from rebecca, but if it looks too big for what I am use to for my height, then I'd like to cancel it before she ships it out so someone else can have the chance at the bag.
  5. O.K. Here goes, I'm always so leery of posting pics of myself, especially after the holidays & because I'm older 44 and a little tired, 2 little kids! Here we go! My 5 year old took some of the pics and then my hubby pitched in. If my friend doesn't want the bag, I may keep it or it goes on eBay! We took many more, so if you want more, I can post more.

  6. Haute Okole: Thanks so much for your pictures! They really help give dimension to the bag~ The bag looks great on you! And you have the cutest daughter ever!

    Would you say this is a bag you can put a Macbook in it without worrying too much about overstressing the handles?

    I am so glad it still looks great on someone with the same height! Thanks again, your pictures are really helpful
  7. my friend also got an elisha in a different color, here are pics of both.






    i keep in there...
    a camera
    my full length wallet
    padfolio with paper
    one notebook

    you could probably fit just barely fit a 15" macbook in there.
    my 12" powerbook goes in just fine.

    the MA is much huger than the elisha but i haven't seen the mini in person so i can't judge it with the elisha. i really like the elisha though, better than it hought i would beforehand.
  8. suhzy, thanks for the pictures!

    I have a 13 inch macbook, so hopefully it will fit in there =)
    I think I may have ordered the same one as your friend.

    I think the more i look at the pictures and the size, it doesn't seem as big as the measurements describes.

    I actually am not sure whether I am getting this at a sale price from rebecca. were you able to get yours at a discount from the sample sale?
  9. i think i am going to at least let the bag ship out, because I do really like the way it looks! hopefully i will love it and be able to keep it =D I'll post pictures once I get it!!
  10. The bags look great on all of you! It's so tempting.