Rebecca Minkoff Eggplant

  1. I was inspired by GUNG's thread about deciding between the eggplant Matinee and another color. I would love a purple bag. I've looked at pics of the eggplant Matinee on a bunch of sites, and can't tell how purple it is. Does anyone have this bag IRL? Is it purple or more of a brownish-red color? I'd love to see IRL pics if anyone has any!
  2. Ooooh! I would love to see one IRL too and the Wine color too lol. All these new pretty colors are coming out and I want them all haha...I will just have to dream.
  3. Hello! I have seen this bag IRL. The color is not as deep as it appears in the pic unfortunately. It is still beautiful, but definitely more subdued.
  4. di1young - is it really purple or are there more brown tones to the color? thanks!
  5. I just got MA mini in Eggplant from Luna Boston.
    It's very pretty and I love it!
    I took the pictures with/without flash. The ones without flash looks darker than the actual color as it's very cloudy today here and there is very little sunlight.
    The actual color is between them.

    It has brown undertone and I would say it looks kind of like very dark wine color.

    The leather is on the stiff side and has some shine to it.

    Hope it helps!
    DSC00840.JPG DSC00841.JPG DSC00843.JPG DSC00844.JPG
  6. Hi halocom! The color does have some pinky brown tones I think. I think the leather is slightly stiff (not nearly as stiff as the elephant color). FYI, the wine (red) color that is currently selling at lunaboston (where I have seen all of these bags) is very squishy and shiny (the pic on their site looks quite close to reality I think), as are the new black matinees.
  7. Thanks! Max the cat, your bag is really pretty. It's so weird how bags look like two completely different colors w/ and w/o the flash. I tried to send someone pics of my green MA mini and it looked like two different bags!
  9. Just FYI, JcMadison has the MA in Eggplant but it comes with a removable strap. The only thing is the price is $675 versus $595 (the price of the bag on other websites). I know for this past seasons handbags you could purchase a strap directly from RM for $35, so I'm not sure why JcMadison is charging $100. Maybe RM isn't going to be selling the straps anymore since she's now adding them to her new handbags????
  10. Wow this bag looks wonderful! I might abandon my Coach obsession for this one as my next conquest...
  11. Max, your bag is gorgeous!
  12. The bag is gorgeous. A question about the color. Do you feel like you can wear it with both brown and black? Or are the brown undertones so apparent it would look odd with black?
  13. Thank you for all the compliments!

    Even though the bag has brown undertones, I think it would be OK to wear it with black clothes IMO. It's kind of like dark wine color. I have a black coat and the bag looks good with it.:smile:
  14. di1young and max the cat - thank you both for your feedback! Max, the photos were very helpful; thanks for posting them with and w/o flash. I went ahead and ordered one in hopes that it's the "perfect" winter neutral for me.