Rebecca Minkoff Ebay Ripoffs! Fake bags?


    I actually think these are pretty cute, but the brand is listed as Rebecca Minkoff and the seller uses the price from "the retailer website"...then the tag says QUOTE.

    I'm not familiar with the brand, but are these cheap copies? At the very least I assume he cant list the bags with her name as the brand. Keeps throwing off all my searches!
  2. I am going to move this to the Rebecca Minkoff forum :tup:
  3. Sometimes sellers list multiple company names so it will come up under other designer search names. This may be the case here. It's clearly not an RM bag.
  4. I saw that on eBay when I first got into RM and was a little confused. Its kind of interesting and cute but I wish they would not try to say that its RM.
  5. I am actually thinking about getting one, but the seller seems a little shady. They are kind of cute, I like how it folds up.
  6. I was thinking about it too!! ;)

    For $20 I wouldn't mind taking the risk. The only thing that is stopping me is that the seller is getting business by putting it under the Rebecca Minkoff name. But I guess you do what you gotta do to sell stuff huh?
  7. I attribute this to a simple mislabeling of the title. I dont think it was intentional either. Ive done it on accident a few times myself on eBay (example listing a Botkier bag as a Hayden Harnett bag and vice versa) It happens when you use the same listing over and over and forget the little details in the listing.
  8. ^ I was wondering why this comes up whenever I search under RM on fleabay?!
  9. It's not a RM ripoff but it sure does look "inspired by" those VPL bags (kinda like this one) or that one from the Devil Wears Prada.

  10. Hi!

    THIS IS NOT MY BAG! Dont Get it! :sad:
  11. Good to know. :tup:
  12. I think the seller is doing this to get people to see his item. I'm sure he believes that if you like RM you'll like his cheap alternative.