rebecca you like the mam better than the matinee?

  1. I like the MAM and here is why:

    1. I think the MAM is a more classic bag, whereas the matinee will be "out" within a few months. To some people this doesn't matter, but it is something to think about.

    2. I went to go try on the matinee at Bloomingdale's because I looked at the dimensions and thought it was large enough to fit my laptop. So I go, and the bag is large enough to fit my laptop - but my laptop won't get into it because the zipper doesn't go all the way to the end. What's the point of all that space if you can't even use it?
    Needless to say, my laptop fits into the MAM.
  2. MAM! :smile:

    They do have that matinee off for 37 percent off at delcina though!

    I wanted to add I was really loving that matinee with the pewter wings and it was hard not to buy it!
  3. Having owned both, I also prefer the MAM - to me, it's a bag that can fit almost any occasion. The Matinee, on the other hand, is a much more casual bag (at least for my job and lifestyle) which limits its usefulness for me. All those pockets are great for travel though!
  4. I like the manitee better. Especially in wine, its hot!:biggrin:

  5. i'm having the matinee sent to me in midnight/pewter...i already got the mam in evergreen...will have to decide between them by thursday...can't keep both.. : (
  6. I have the Matinee, so I'm biased towards it. It's an awesome bag and so many pockets. I think the MA is more popular and "in" right now, so the Matinee is more under the radar (which I like). Also--and I'm only saying this because I've heard so many people with this complaint, it's not directed at anyone in particular--the main zipper does go the length of the middle compartment, but it doesn't run the length of the bag because of the separate pockets on the ends.

    The MA shape is a little too conservative, but I do love the green color and the studs! I'm no help...I like the shape of the Matinee, but the color of the MA better.
  7. MAM hands down! Shape, color, style are beautiful. The "wings" just don't work for me!
  8. Go w/ the MAM, especially since its from the newer collection
  9. Mam
  10. MAM. I had both, but the matinee looked kind of like a duffle bag on me. Maybe it was the color, I don't know. I love my mam, though. With it's classic styling I don't think it will ever go out of fashion.
  11. I love both! They're two different styles and I think it's necessary to own both. I got the White Gold Matinee in the mail yesterday. I love the design! Still, the color doesn't seem to work with me at all so I think I'm going to return. I'm hesitant because I want a Matinee, but I should try to get the right color. I'm thinking of the midnight/pewter even though I've wanted a dark grey for ages.
  12. I like Matinee. I have been through your situation - decide between the two - a month ago. I ended up with a Matinee. I did not really love it at the beginning. But I grew to love it more and more. I like the pockets and the "ears" of the bag. I am even thinking of getting one in a different color - gray...
  13. Get the bag you avoid misery!!!

    You want the dark grey Matinee? then we'll help you find one!
  14. I love them both but I decided to get the MAM (first). As has been pointed out, it's a more classic design and will age gracefully.

    But the Matinee is so cool, it's still on my wishlist! I would get it in Eggplant...