Rebecca minkoff Desire bag!

  1. I do the same thing! Love to mix and match :smile:
  2. I just ordered the charcoal at Nordies, can't wait to get it! I will post pics when it arrives :smile:
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  4. I am unable to see Charcoal color since the day the sales started... I ordered other stuff... but could not even see this color on website...

    waiting for the pics of your bag. Please do share.
  5. I will for sure and I haven't seen it in person yet either lol
  6. Nordstrom has been sold out of the charcoal color since early on in the sale. I wasn't able to see the bag, but they had a charcoal pouch with the same lether. It has antique silver hw and it's a bit distressed and easily scratched. The color grey itself was beautiful, but the antique silver and distress/scratch easily leather made the bag a no for me. I really want to find a desire too.
  7. I really like the yellow online! Has anybody purchased it?
  8. I waited to get this bag and now it's gone. I shouldn't have hesitated. It reminds me of Balenciaga , which I could never afford. I'm super sad I didn't pull the trigger the first day. :cry:
  9. That's the same reason I ordered it. Hopefully I love it.
  10. This is the only color I've seen in person, not a fan. Love the bag but the color is not for me.
  11. Here are some modeling pics of the charcoal, I love it!
    image-2929343447.jpg image-1544930794.jpg
  12. Charcoal is awesome!!!!

    LOve it!!!
  13. i don't understand this... The sale is not even started for public and they are sold out of things... Is there anyway to get hold of this bag and this color?