Rebecca minkoff Desire bag!

  1. Gorgeous! I saw this one in almond at Nordstrom and it is soooo pretty. I have mine in baby blue leather that I love but I havent used it yet.
  2. Do you haves pic? I'd love to see it!
  3. This bag will be on the Nordies Anniversary Sale. It looks bigger in the catalog though. I had never seen it before but it's really cute!

    $328.90 after sale $495
    ‘Desire’ handbag, leather,
    mustard; also in black or
    charcoal. 530059
  4. Good to know! Looks like that's the whipstitch tho, not laser cut based on price. This was $525
  5. I just got my catalog today. That mustard color is yummy. And it is actually whipstitch-free. Looking forward to seeing the charcoal color.

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  6. Seriously a great deal!
  7. Great find! Love your sandals too.
  8. Thanks! Target sandals :smile: dressing cheap so I can buy expensive bags!
  9. It actually looks better in your pix than on the retail portal.
  10. i LOVE this bag!! i can't decide whether to get it in almond or black. the almond looks timeless and casual but the black is edgy. decisions decisions!!!!
  11. I want the hot pink one!!
  12. I agree! I saw the pink and black at nordstroms but I was in the market for brown, but black was gorgeous!
  13. do you find that the brown goes with a lot of colors? also, did you find that the long strap was a bit too long to wear on one shoulder? it was so long on me and it's hard to add holes since there are gold caps on the holes :shucks:
  14. I wear the almond daily, I'm not a huge purse switcher. I think it goes with everything cuz its so neutral. Yes the long strap is meant as cross body, def not working on one shoulder.