Rebecca minkoff Desire bag!

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  1. Don't see hardly any of these posted. I was on a bag mission last night and was thinking of getting a Marc Jacobs so I went to Macy's to search when all of a sudden this jumped onto my arm! I always loved the MAB minis? I think, but this was too perfect to pass up. Reminds me of balenciaga meets Rebecca.

    I changed from my coach Sophia right into this ;)
  2. Anyone have this?
  3. Adorable! I also really like your sandals. I have the Desire in whip-stitch and it's one of my favorites.
  4. Beautiful bag! It looks fantastic on you! :smile:
  5. Agreed Sprinkies! I love this bag!! I moved in awhile ago and still carrying it, it's so lightweight and comfortable and I love the look. Looks like the perfect fit for you too, Congrats! :smile:
  6. Congrats! It's always nice to find a new & unexpected :heart:!
  7. Awesome! Looks great on you! Enjoy =)
  8. Crazy how those bags just jump right on your arm like that, isn't it? It's the darndest thing...and c'mon, you just gotta take them home with you at that point...

    I love the laser cut on the Desire! This looks like such a comfy style and that's a great neutral color. Congrats!
  9. image-3799550916.jpg

    All my stuff inside! This holds a lot! Kindle, coach wallet, coach pouch, and tons of misc
  10. Which color did you get?
  11. I just realized I wrote I got this at Macy's, clearly I got it at Nordstroms lol
  12. Lovely bag. Congratulations
  13. Is that almond? I love this bag with the cutouts. I really want a light brown summer bag and I am trying to convince myself not to get this!
    I have the same kindle case (a pleated purple belkin, I think).
  14. I got the brown whip stitch with gold hardware :love:
  15. Yep this is the almond :smile: its a perfect summer bag. I def would encourage you to do it! Its expensive but It really does feel like good quality. And yep my kindle case is a belkin too!