Rebecca Minkoff DATE CLUTCH - Does anyone own this bag?

  1. I was thinking about buying a Rebecca Minkoff Date Clutch. I have a few holiday parties to go to and I don't have a single evening bag. I don't want anything that's really small and because of the way this bag folds over, the size is adjustable.

    I just wonder if there are any owners of the Date Clutch and what your thoughts are on the bag. I was thinking about getting it in the Dark Grey - I like the look of the leather on that bag (slightly glazed with a broken in look to it)

  2. I bought it in black during the sample sale. It should be here any day if you can wait for a review? here are some pics from funkylala that might help you better see the shape and size. Also, I have the dark gray MA, maybe its the same leather, not sure. Anyway, its slouchy and not rigid, but def. not buttery soft. It does look perfectly broken in (why i loooove that bag)
  3. it seems a little casual for holiday parties. this seems like a casual date or going to the bar type of bag. how about the anya hindmarch luce clutch?
  4. ;) it arrived. it's bigger than i thought and definitely casual. it's as tall as my MA mini even when folded and almost as wide! The black leather is so soft and smooshy. I love it! Here is a pic with it in front of my MA Mini and the pen is there for size reference also. REALLY cute bag! Oh and a bargain at $125 during the sample sale. yay!
  5. wow even though it's not a special events clutch it is still super cute! congrats!
  6. It's very bizarre looking..
  7. I think it's cute! Love the black : )
  8. i think it is really cute too.

    Go for it if you love it!!
  9. :p I agree, but it's still really cute.
  10. I love it too. Didn't realize it was so big. I'm on it!
  11. love it! just got mine today in dark charcoal with the silver zipper. pretty.

  12. ooooh, would you mind posting a pic? Someone posted on the deals board that RM will be taking phone orders again Monday and I think I might get the Dark Grey one too. I'm wondering if its the same dark gray as my MA though (which i love).
  13. will do! I'll send it out first thing tomorrow morning. don't want to wake dh...hehe

    it looks like it's the same dark grey as the MA. :tup:
  14. here it is as you requested. hehe, I got the picture model idea from your original posting of your bags dollyrusso! hope you don't mind! :shame:

    RM upgraded her dustbags to be satin now too! sorry if the pics are blurry.
    1117070841.jpg 1117070842.jpg

  15. I think size references are really helpful! Wow, the dark gray is really stunning on this bag. Good choice :tup: I am going to try and get this color Monday. I think this bag is a sleeper hit because it's a great size and goes with jeans or a little more "dressed". Also it's a bargain. eep! Wish me luck!