Rebecca Minkoff Dark Grey Matinee

  1. I lost my chance to get one from label360 with the 30% off code and now I'm trying desperately to find one with a code! Does anyone know where I could possibly purchase one with a code? I am beyond desperate and if anyone has any clue I would owe you a million pints of ice cream!
  2. have you asked Lunaboston to special order it for you? I've had success with that. Plus they have a 25% off code right now.
  3. I agree with the above, I haven't seen the Matinee in drk grey on any other websites. You may want to keep checking the label360 site, in case they get a return; use toutie25 for 25% off. Good Luck.
  4. wow, i didn't even know that was possible! I'm going to send them an email and ask. Thanks so much for your help! you are wonderful! I owe you ice cream!
  5. I was actually going to purchase it the other day and when I went to get my credit card it was gone! (and then I realized I could have used paypal and saved myself the trip!) Thanks!
  6. does anyone know if bagtrends ever has any codes?
  7. FALLGW for 10% off :smile:
  8. awwwww, thanks! i'm gonna wait for a reply from lunaboston. if not, i shall order another from bagtrends. really, thanks so much!
  9. you can still get 25% off at label360 with the code "lucky"
  10. Nevermind, I see that someone posted the code from above.