Rebecca Minkoff Covet!

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  1. We saw this bag from the RM Holiday collection-- I personally love it; my love for MAMs has faded a little for some reason so I must get this bag in this color combo. I've seen a few pre-order listings, but not in this combo. Anyone else love this bag??



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  2. I think it is cool. Very Hermes Kelly-esque.
  3. wow....for a $425 bag, that looks super expensive! it's gorgeous!
  4. I like it!
  5. It looks very lady like. :smile:
  6. Love it!!!
  7. That bag is gorgeous and very feminine. I'd like to see other color combos personally (I just don't like cream and black combined), but the shape is TDF.
  8. LOVE IT!!! pigalle, what are you doing to me? I didn't even notice this bag.

    (that model is gorgeous. reminds me of Catherine Zeta-Jones.)
  9. Yes, she IS gorgeous....and the bag too, LOL. I like the hand-held bags in general.. and the should strap is a bonus...
  10. I haven't seen other color combos yet (I've seen all black one on LB)- I typically don't like cream/black contrast either, but the ostrich embossing sorta softens the contrast it seems... I'd love to see more color combos too!
  11. I love it too...I agree that a different color combo or one color might be nice.
  12. I love this bag!! I've had my eye on it since the release of these photos as well! I do want to see it IRL however, to make my final judgement.
  13. I LOVE this bag!! It is so classy and classic! Any specs on the bag and did anyone place a preorder for it?