Rebecca Minkoff Color Putty

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  1. Dying to get a moto satchel in the color putty but I'm wondering how the color looks like in real pictures. Sometimes it looks more white than greyish.
    What do you guys think?
  2. I've sent this color in-person and the color is closer to gray than white. More of a light gray or grayish white.
  3. Oops, typo in the above post. I meant to say "seen" not "sent." Stupid autocorrect.

    Anyway, here is a screenshot of the what the color Putty actually looks like in-person (originally uploaded by Zombie Girl). Hope that helps. It's a gorgeous, neutral color and perfect for all seasons. Good luck with your decision.

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  4. Thank you so much! Finally someone that could actually help me!

    Definitely want this color in the moto satchel. Im debating if I should also get the MOON color (blue/black) or the PALE SAGE. So many colors!!!

    Bloomingdales has a pretty good sale right now.
  5. Moon is also a gorgeous color. You can't go wrong with either one!! I hope you will post pictures once you buy your perfect bag! Good luck!!
  6. I bought the moto hobo in putty and putty is a very light gray, almost a super light lavender to me. I am torn on whether to keep it since I think it will get really dirty. I have the mini mini in light gray and it's slighty dirty but I think it's a little darker than putty. Plus the moto satchel is pebbled leather and the mini mini is smooth leather so I'm not sure how they will wear differently. I already bought the moto satchel in black but haven't used it yet and I got such a good price on the hobo that I can't decide which one to keep. Not to mention that I have the micro moto in black and bleached blue that I need to decide on. One micro and one bigger bag is enough of this style.

    Bloomingdales actually has putty and the white/gray in the moto hobo online so you can see that putty is definitely not white.
  7. I have a Hudson moto mini in putty. It's a grey that leans kind of purple. I've had no issues with dirt so far. IMO I think it's just dark enough so dirt doesn't show easily :smile:
  8. Hi ladies, with the 20% extra off sale items happening on, I finally took the plunge and bought the Bryn hobo in putty. I've been stalking this bag for ages and am so excited for her to arrive! But I was worried about color transfer. Do you think using some kind of protective spray might help? TIA!
  9. I am with the look of *brand new*, light colored bags- so crisp and fresh and has that feeling of the beginning of summer and all things good...BUT...the wear & tear! Ugh, the bags just take a beating and look like dog-poop after heavy use. This is the main reason I only observe light bags from afar...I just can't invest in something that I have to baby and will STILL end up battered after sustained use.
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