Rebecca Minkoff bags - no dustbag?

  1. I just got a RM mini morning after in navy, and it didn't come with a dustbag. Does all her bags not come with a dustbag at all?
  2. I don't think the older ones did. I could be mistaken though.
  3. I got a MA bag from her earlier this year and no dustbag.

    I just use an extra dustbag i have from some other bag
  4. I'm actually waiting for the mini in navy from Revolve. I think the color is great for jeans etc. :yes: :yahoo:
  5. FYI, if you did not get a dustbag when you purchase a minkoff bag, you can write to their CS. They will send you one, i just found out about that :smile:
  6. The one I ordered from came with a dustbag. I just received my navy from and it had no dustbag.
  7. quick question:

    I was just looking at these bags on and I think i want to get the mini Morning After bag in Navy but I was wondering how much smaller is the mini then the original bag ? And do you think I can use the mini as an everyday bag or is it more of a evening bag ?

    thanks guys!
  8. The mini itself is actually quite big, i'd say it's prolly about the size of a Speedy 25. Definitely an everyday bag, i think it'll fit a rolled up magazine too. The only thing is that the straps are kinda short and it wouldn't work as a shoulder bag if you wear a coat.

    Update on dustbag: i received the dustbag from RM after emailing their CS. i got my mini from Revolve too, so if you're ordering from them, just know that you won't be getting a dustbag with the bag.
  9. I have a Rebecca Minkoff MA Mini that I got from, and it came with a dust bag.
  10. I got a white morning after from Delcina and it came with a dust bag.

    I agree with zoinksta's descrip of mini. My morning after (not mini) is quite deep and wide, so the mini will be a perfect day time/everyday. RM is an excellent bag! Supple leather and light!