Rebecca Minkoff Bags - Any Good Sales

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  1. Hi, just wondering if any of you know who currently has good pricing on the MA or the MAM in desperate search for a great deal and unfortunately missed the sample sale.

  2. There were at least two RM bags available for 37% off at yesterday. also, has lower retail prices than most stores and a code for 25% off (PERFECTGIFT) good through 12/31 - but I think they only have one or two colors of the MA right now.

    Then, the usual suspects all have codes of varying generosity going on: Luna Boston, Label360, Revolve, Active Endeavors and JC Madison.

    If you want a royal blue one, there's a MAM on eBay that ends soon going for $250. It's all I can do to resist bidding since I really don't need another blue bag, but it's such a pretty color!

    Hope you find one at a good price! :smile:
  3. last i checked on delcina, there was a black leather/suede MAM going for $550 with 37% off -- works out to be $347, which was less than the sample sale price for MAMs!
  4. the "thankyou" code still works in the Vincent section on the official site. I think it's for 30% off.
  5. Luna Boston has the Matinee Bags on sale for $500 in most colors- add the 25% off for the "Holiday07" code and that's a GREAT deal if you are looking for a Matinee!!
  6. label360 has the glazed espresso MA for $500-something, and they have a 25% code (lucky or celebstyle). It's so tempting!
  7. If you've never registered at I think you get a 30% off code on your first purchase if you fill out this feedback form... I am not 100% sure, as I am relying on my memory -- any help from the other ladies?
  8. HELLO I'm new!! trying to find the matinee in the glazed almond. (any help please??) I contacted RM and the 30% off ended on Monday! Really want the matinee but of course the almond is never on sale. Anybody with new codes? Thanks!
  9. ^^ there are a few on eBay, i think.
  10. thanks I have been keeping my eyes open there, but was hoping to use a coupon code online or keep the price around 350 or 400
    Hopefully around Xmas they'll be more sales
  11. I believe that glazed expresso matinee is on sale at shopemilygrace plus a gretchen code for 20% off.
  12. has the new studded mini for $416.
  13. I'm looking for an mam in the orginal green if any finds a deal.
  14. WOW! That's a great deal! So tempting...
  15. I just got the mini studded evergreen!!!! free shipping too!!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: