Rebecca Minkoff Bag from

  1. Hi - I just bought a new Rebecca Minkoff Mini bag from ordered yesterday morning and its already arrived! It seems a little beat up though...the gold seems a bit tarnished...Has anyone had experience with this website? Or is this just the "style" of the bag?
  2. Hi there!
    I have the morning after bag and the hardware is gorgeous- shiny and pristine. You might want to call up the website and let them though about this and see if they can exchange it for you!
  3. I received a Matinee from them around Christmas time and it was fine. As clu0984 said check out what their policy is on exchanges, otherwise return it for a refund.
  4. i believe they have a good return policy. i got a kiss and makeup from them and they were great!
  5. What bag did you get? Some bags have the brass hardware which has a kind of tarnished look to it...

    I'm sure some conditioner, and brasso could clean the leather and hardware right up!

    I would contact them though for an exchange, and if they don't have one available, then atleast ask for 20-25% off.
  6. Maybe I'm a wacko but I loooove the vintage, slightly-antiquey feel of the brass hardware :P