Rebecca Minkoff Bag Directory *PICTURES ONLY*

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    Calling all RM fans/owners! I've seen how other bags on the forum have their Model/Type Threads so I thought we could have one ourselves, complete with attached "tags". We'll try this format:

    RM Bag Type/Color (Official if you can do it)/Hardware Color

    I am hoping that this will make it easier for those interested in Rebecca Minkoff and her bags to make decisions on which one to get; and also to help those who don't have real-life access to her beautiful bags, "see" them through RM bag owners' eyes.

    This is, after all, for the love of RM :biggrin:

    This is PHOTOS only, no chatting please!- Megs
  2. I'll start...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Matinee Bag / Glazed Espresso+Military Suede / Gold Hardware
  3. Matinee in Wine leather with Wine suede and gold hardware
    40ac_12.JPG 400c_12.JPG
  4. Morning After Mini

    in Wine with Gold hardware

    in Dark Gray with Silver hardware

    in Royal Blue with Brown Basketweave with Gold hardware

    in Navy Blue with Gold hardware

    in Purple with Gold hardware
  5. Morning After

    in Chocolate with Gold hardware

    in Black with Black basketweave with Gold hardware
    CIMG4923.JPG CIMG4924.JPG
  6. Mini Nikki-
    in Chocolate / Silver hardware / blk & whte paisley lining / smooth leather
    in Purple / Gold hardware / blk & whte paisley lining / pebble leather

    Mini Morning After-
    in Black / Silver hardware / blk & whte paisley lining / smooth leather
    in Navy Blue / Gold hardware / purplish red paisley lining / pebble leather
    WALLPAPER 246.jpg WALLPAPER 248.jpg WALLPAPER 247.jpg WALLPAPER 208.jpg
  7. Morning After Mini in Emerald


    Modeling pic (I'm 5'3")
  8. Shopbop exclusive matinee in purple leather/red suede. Yummy!:love:
    802072.JPG 802073.JPG
  9. Elephant MAB with Silver Hardware.

    Chocolate Reg Nikki with Silver Hardware.

    I am 5'5" and wear a US 8/10.
  10. Morning After Mini/Sage with Sage Stamp/Gold Hardware/Black and white fleur-de-lis satin lining
    IMG_2408_7_1.JPG IMG_2405_4_1.JPG IMG_2406_5_1.JPG IMG_2407_6_1.JPG IMG_2412_9_1.JPG
  11. Emerald Morning After / Gold Hardware
    Clickable Thumbnail:
  12. Morning After in Wine - Gold Hardware

    Morning After Mini in Sage - Gold Hardware

    both modeled by my 5-year-old son.
    winema1.jpg winema2.jpg sagemam1.jpg sagemam2.jpg
  13. Purple Mam W/gold Chain
    Picture 081.jpg Picture 087.jpg
  14. my royal MA i just got-- i still can't believe i found a royal MA in a store!
    IMG_1881.JPG IMG_1882.JPG