Rebecca Minkoff Bag at with code.. yay or nay?

  1. I really like this bag called the 'morning after'. They have a code for 20% (style20)...yay or nay? (need a summer/spring bag!)

    Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag in White Basketweave - MABWW

    BTW, I just got my order in...they have an additional 50% off sale items with code 50sale ( i think the code is still valid!!)
  2. i love ittttttt!
  3. I just love this bag. I wish I could find it on a more significant sale. Does Minkoff ever have sample sales?
  4. Nice bag.. I like!
  5. Hi, I'm new here. I just looked at the site and fell in love with quite a few of their bags. But I was confused about the codes. Can you use both the 50 off and the 20 off code together? Or does one make the other invalid?
  6. Very very cute bag! I love it!
  7. I wanted that bag, but just bought the Kooba Elisha in red, so I'll have to wait another time to get the Morning After bag. Alot of gals here said that the one is huge and the Mini was the right size. Hmmmm I would have to see them both IRL to make up my mind. LOL!
  8. ^^^^So pretty Lisa! Cand you take a pic of you modeling it so I can see how it looks on the body? I'm still wanting one lol!
  9. IRL this bag is very large-I'd get the mini! They have a beautiful emerald green color and more in the mini at :: Handbags.:yes:
  10. [​IMG]This is a handbag at Ravinstyle - The eclectic fashion and style boutique
    It is listed at $484-which means they did not pass on the sales increase that Rebecca Minkoff did as it's listed at $520 on most sites. Try the code "toutie" dor an additional 10% off.
  11. Today ONLY there is a code for summerblu for 40% off.