Rebecca Minkoff at TJ MAXX

  1. Spotted a black glazed Everyday satchel for $279.99, a light grey glazed Admirer for $249.99, a brown mini Beloved clearanced at $149.99 (someone snatched it up but I don't know if she ended up buying it), glazed brown Adore at I think $199.99, almond Cherish tote, glazed green Lust at $199.99, Heavy Metal tote (I forgot the price), at a handful of TJs and Marshalls in the northern suburbs. I visited a bunch of stores yesterday on a whirlwind shopping tour and they're starting to blend together! :nuts:

    Basically, the same stuff that was there a few weeks ago, only less of it.
  2. Saw this Everyday tote at TJ Maxx for $279.99

  3. Was making my rounds today and saw quite a few RM bags at the TJ Maxx in Kingstowne, VA. All of the ones in the first picture were $249 with the exception of the Covet which was $199. There's one Covet in Bronze Python (which I bought lol), one Nikki in Teal which was a gorgeous color but was a bit too big for me and had a lot of scratches, one MAM in green python color (I can't remember the exact color, I'm sorry) and two bags which I believe are called the Hard Flap; one was in the Bronze and one was Grape. I had never seen this bag in person before nor do I remember ever seeing it on tPF so I didn't even recognize it as a RM bag. I really liked the grape one but I found the shape to be a bit awkward for me.


    And I found this Bronze MAB hidden away and it was $299.


    I wasn't able to get more pictures/details because my mom was waiting in the car and it was a bit hot out so I was trying to be quick.
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    I've decided to return the Covet because it doesn't hold my school stuff like I hoped it would. I'm not sure if this is against the rules or not (mods please delete/amend this post if it is) but if someone in the Northern VA area wants to buy the Covet at TJ Maxx after I return it I can ask the SA to put it on hold under your name. I can return it to a TJ Maxx in Alexandria (Potomac Yard, Kingstowne or Beacon Mall), Woodbridge (Potomac Mills) or Fairfax (Fair City Mall). I will be returning it next weekend, the actual date depends on the TJ's at which I will be returning it. PM me if interested.
  5. OMG @ that teal Nikki.......I'm lucky I haven't spotted that one at my TJ's because she would be so tempting and I am so banned.....kinda-sorta :cool: :graucho:

    The other bag is the Treasure "Buffy" like this one:

    I've seen style names on RM tags that were, let's just say very different from the names online. I saw a quilted Casanova at NR with some odd name on its tag. I don't specifically recall the name but it was quite different from "quilted Casanova"!
  6. Thank you! I knew the real name couldn't be 'Hard Flap' but that's what it said on the tag so I went with it lol. If I didn't already have a teal leather bag (that I've had for at least 1.5 years and haven't used yet) I would have seriously considered buying that Nikki because it was gorgeous, scuffs and all.
  7. I found a Boyfriend Pouch yesterday on clearance for $39. I carried it around the store before putting it back down. Still regretting it a little but it is so small!
  8. Is that the one with the buckles on the front? If so, they're definitely cute but would be too small for me too (although depending on the color I still might have bought it lol).
  9. I'd sure be after that bronze MAB if I didn't already have a taupe MAB. I love that bronze with the lizard skin texture! This makes me want to really visit my TJ MAXX but I'm saving up for other things so I guess I may as well not go and look and put myself through that temptation.
  10. I need to stop going there but I can't help it! I tell myself I'm just going in to take pictures and report back on what I find but I always end up buying something lol.

  11. It had 3 zippers on it. The one I found was black and super cute. I'm going to be near another TJ Maxx tomorrow and plan on checking out what they have. :biggrin:
  12. Report back on what you find! :smile:
  13. Was at state st tjmaxx in Chicago. They had 2 flames. One teal and the other a shade of blue.. Dont know exact color. They were 250. Seems to b size of mam. They also had a black python treasure Buffy which was also 250.
  14. checked out my local TJMaxx and the handbag section was absolutely packed with bags. I have never seen so many bags there all at once(tons of clearance too), it was total disaster too because there wasn't even enough room to put it all, bags just stacked on top of each other, tables overflowing, 2 or 3 bags on some of the hooks. You really had to dig and look carefully to even see what all was there. LOTS of designer bags, including RM. I seriously gasped when I walked in and saw the bag section and so did the lady behind me, haha. I should have taken a picture but I didn't even think of it until after I left. I'm anxious to see some of the other locations around me that normally have more than this one!

    I saw about a week and a half ago a bronze MAB, green python MAM, bronze Covet (all are in nova_girl's pictures), eggplant Mini Rikki crossbody and something else I can't remember but figured ok it will be another month before more come. I was wrong.

    Yesterday they had a Nikki in grape, croc Flame in green(very pretty color), and I am now totally drawing a blank as to what else but there were at least two other bags, sorry! But basically, check your TJMaxx! They had tons of bags and obviously had just gotten a lot in(heard an employee talking about huge shipments) so definitely go check it out. I am hopefully going to stop by a couple other locations this week too that usually have even more RM.
  15. TJ Maxx Countryside (IL) had grape Nikkis, grape Treasure Flame satchel, Cherish tote in suede black snakeskin embossed (?), two Lust crossbodies in light gray, light gray Admirer, black leather Lovers Clutch, black snakeskin embossed True Love hobo, eggplant Enamored bucket bag, light grey Sentiment clutch, and this beauty ->