Rebecca Minkoff and Vlad!

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  1. Last night Vlad flew to NYC for an awesome event being hosted by Louis Vuitton. I got an email from Rebecca saying that she was going too! What are the odds?! Turns out they hung out all night since they only knew each other at the big event. Daniel, from, snapped a photo on his iPhone! Just thought I'd share - because it seems like such a small world :biggrin:

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  2. Haha what a cute pic :smile:
    They both look so great!!
  3. cute pic! is she carrying a rocker? or maybe not? hard to tell
  4. It is such a small world!
  5. They were eachothers wing people last night! I couldn't go and Gavin couldn't go! They said they had a blast :party:
  6. that's such a cute story!
  7. I love it! Thanks for posting Megs! :heart:
  8. Love that, thanks guys!
  9. What a great pic :smile:
  10. Great you both found each other LOL
  11. Sounds like a great time!
  12. wow
  13. cute pic. its always nice to have a buddy at these things.
  14. Rebecca looks so gorgeous and tan... jealous